Glorbag the Holy Shaman, Undying Fist of Vhrael
Glorbag created on 11th of August 2020, and is currently 22 years old (95 hours played).

Title: the Holy Shaman, Undying Fist of Vhrael
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: fire giant shaman

Background history:

  1. The Village - posted at 2020-08-12 10:50:11
The Village
Growing up, Glorbag differed from his siblings and litter mates. When the other Ogres would be smashing lizards and small animals with rocks, Glorbag would be playing with the intestines of said lizards and small animals. He said he could see things in them, things no one else could see. A peculiar pattern in the splattering of blood, a sign of a bad raiding year. No one believed Glorbag for he was young and they thought he knew nothing of the world in which they lived. No one believed Glorbag, excepting one other. While the others continued their games of hide the severed head, this other Ogre would sit with Glorbag and ask questions about what it was Glorbag would see. This other Ogre would later be called Seer. After listening to Glorbag explain what he saw a few times, Seer ran to the Chieftain of the village and explained that it was he who saw these things. The Chieftain naturally thought the little Seer to be lying, until one of Glorbag's readings came true. But it was not Glorbag who received the furs and bone trinkets and given a spot of honor in the village. It was Seer. It was Seer who received these things and said that it was he who could see things no one else could see. Knowing the truth, Seer ran Glorbag out of the village and under the threat of death warned Glorbag never to return. Not knowing the truth of things, Glorbag fled and soon found himself wandering the rest of Serin alone.


Dark beady eyes which are set too close together regard you suspiciously from beneath a heavy, furrowed brow. His head is devoid of any hair save the few pieces that grow out of dark warty bumps and his skin is gray and leathery in its texture. A broken nose is crooked to one side and the edge of his nostrils are caked in blood and snot but he doesn't seem to care or notice. A wide jaw protrudes too far forward and the lower lips has been pierced through with a jagged piece of bone which dangles below his chin. He stands hunched over, his large shoulders are rolled forward and strips of leather have been tied off around the upper portion of his thick arms. A large stomach hangs out well past his waist line and a set of ungainly legs keep him upright as he lumbers about with little to no coordination.

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