Illyiza the Ruler of the Dead
Illyiza created on 16th of March 2020, and is currently 37 years old (264 hours played).

Title: the Ruler of the Dead
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: illithid necromancer

Background history:


A mass of odd design and ash coloured flesh twitches about. Dark patches are randomly placed all over it, as if an artist aimlessly splashed ink over a blank canvas. Atop this mass is a bulbous shape that has seven eyes that all work in tandem. In the mix of all the eyes there is two holes that flare open and then snap closed upon each breath taken. Below this is a slit about six inches going from left to right, assumed to be the orifice it feeds and communicates with. Several thin tentacles flop around on each side of it, while three much larger ones hold its weight, propped upright. Whether staying in one spot or moving about, these 'legs' perpetually move in the manner of a snake slithering across the ground. The slithering pattern is rhythmic, art in motion, and allows it to maintain balance and control.

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