<SCHOLAR> Ilromie the Arcane Archivist, Polymath of History
Ilromie created on 01st of January 2020, and is currently 76 years old (966 hours played).

Title: the Arcane Archivist, Polymath of History
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: elf invoker

Background history:

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The Great History of Illistarre
The great Serin histories tell of the fall of Lord Rodyn and his murder of Queen Victoria, but little is written of what came before Rodyn's love led to his corruption. For a great many years, Lord Rodyn served as an inspiration for Valourians. When not on campaign, he would walk the streets of his home, settling disputes and driving out criminals. Without him, the famous central hub of the city would not exist. Among those who found themselves on the side of Rodyn when the darkness in his heart came to light was the noble line of Illistarre, led at the time by Duchess Ylomira Illistarre. Somewhat taken with Rodyn herself, she swore that his actions had been forced - that the horrors he had seen upon the battlefield had driven him to a rage. She insisted that his heart could be returned to the light. So she pronounced to a bereaved Sarich, who responded by casting her and her entire line out from the Great City. The Illistarres settled in the city of Seringale and found companionship with the elves of the Sylvan Vale. Years later, when Rodyn returned to form the Justice Cabal, Ylomira begged him to turn aside from his dark path once more and seek forgiveness. Little could she have guessed that the man who had once been a bastion of hope and safety so hated the name of his brother that he would strike down his old friend. But so it was, and the Illistarre line was carried forward by Ylomira's niece, Olsemmie. Olsemmie had been only a child during Rodyn's betrayal, so she carried no space for forgiveness of her aunt's murder. She rebelled against the reign of the Justice and the Illistarres were exiled from Seringale, marking their second such rejection in as many decades. Timaran proved to be a safer city in which to practice her rebellion against the Justice. This vein of rebellion still runs strong in the Illistarre line today. During the Dragon Wars, old grudges seemed to be forgotton and Llyloe Illistarre, barely twenty years of age at the time, managed to relocate the family back to Seringale. His eyes laid on Valour as the final Bastion, as the rightful place of Illistarre, but Queen Victoria's throne still stood vacant and their alliance in that conflict still too raw a wound. To the current day, the last in the line of Illistarre still reside in the City of Seringale, waiting for the day they might reclaim their rightful place beneath the banner of the Knights.


The sweet smell of flowers surrounds this elven woman. They have been braided into her hair, tucked behind her pointed ears, and twisted into bands around her wrist and ankle. Even for an elf, she is tall and especially willowy, as if a simple breeze might cause her to sway. Vivid green eyes are accentuated by a tattoo of a lily inked above her cheekbone. Her hands are soft and slender, better suited to braiding of flora than bloodshed, though dark marks mar her wrists. A tension fills the air around her of magic ready to be bent to her whim. It causes her blond hair to wave constantly as if caught in a wind.

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