Kaa the Skullbuster, Grandmaster of Crane Style
Kaa created on 26th of September 2019, and is currently 37 years old (313 hours played).

Title: the Skullbuster, Grandmaster of Crane Style
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: half-elf monk

Background history:

  1. Journey Afar - posted at 2019-10-02 04:57:35
  2. A Chance for Glory - posted at 2020-05-08 05:35:39
Journey Afar
Kaa Heeni hails from a place far north of Serin called Yaawkdaat. The climate is cold and harsh, relentless and unforgiving. This fact has lead to the forging of a hardened, unyielding nation. They are seafaring warriors known as The People of the Tide, and they conquer through sheer ferocity in combat. His name translates into the common tongue as 'Man of the Water', which is a title passed onto him from his great-grandfather. High things are expected of him, and so, he was sent on a pilgrimage to prove through his deeds that he can lead his people and excel in combat. As heir apparent to his clan, he must not fail them. Failure in his task would result in his sacrifice to the Great Sea Monster, Gunakadeit. They will accept nothing less than absolute perfection in the art of war.


Dusky... Lithe... Waves of umber frame an angular face, crashing down to stalwart shoulders like the raging sea against a defiant cliff. Spearlike ears break through the rolling tide, tapering to a pointed tip while coppery pools mirror a sepia world. Pursed lips push together below a jagged, ruined nose. Sculpted arms lie in repose on either side of his torso and a deer-hide loin-cloth covers him at the waist, leading down to a set of sinuous, staunch legs. His stance belies confidence, ever ready for confrontation.

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