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Knabra created on 20th of June 2017, and is dead and gone (22 years old, 114 hours, 1 month lifetime)

Title: the Sage of Arcane Power
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: quasit invoker

Background history:

  1. the little demon - posted at 2017-06-21 21:06:36
the little demon
Knabra is a third... Or fourth generation quasit since they emerged from... Where ever they emerged from. His clan was holed up just south of Darkhaven, able to keep off the masterminds radar by living in a section of caves only accessible by flight. Existing is all they have been up to though. Trying to survive and adapt to the life in Serin that they found for themselves. His parents are a part of about three other families. He himself is the youngest of a litter out eighteen. The large number though has been halved twice from life "adapting". Knabra, when he was around twelve serin years in age, had wandered out of the protective and solitude of the upper canals and was subsequently captured by some Darkhaven earl. The name of which is unimportant, though the horrors that this little creature endured at his hands is actually unspeakable. Being not of Serin and in combination with the earl's lack of empathy for creatures in general... He was tested and taken to his limits in ways that nothing should have to experience. Through the time spent in a cage or strapped to a table (it was years, nearly seven to be more exact) Knabra learned that his kind had an affinity for the elements and that himself in particular was very keen with fire. To the extent of actual control, if only a small amount at a time. Over time this power began to grow, fester with the burning hatred he had for his capture. He was not a stupid creature though, he hid the strength as it grew, a plan forming in his quasit head. Nearly seven years to the day in captivity he figured he had enough strength for an escape. In-between the table and his cage, being such a small creature he merely held on to him and that's when he struck. With all his elemental force, he conjured a fireball that encompassed the entirety of the earl's head. Both of them were completely caught off guard by the sheer heat and power of the inferno. The humans life was quickly snuffed out and the fire soon after. Knabra collapsed from the sheer exertion... He awoke a free being.


This creatures feet are that of a giant chicken, though its skin is a dark shade of green. The texture doesn't stop at its ankles, the entirety of its body is like this. Knabra's arms and legs are almost the same length and muscle tone, which is none. He has hands almost the same as his feet, except for functioning knuckles. Knabra's torso is slender in the chest but a bulbous midriff suggests a healthy diet. Sleek feathered wings extend out from its shoulder blades, a slightly brighter shade of green in color. Knabra's head is human like in shape but void of hair. His eyes though are more round and larger with feline pupils surrounded by yellow. His face is not muscled like most Serin's beings, giving the structure a gaunt look. The skin pulled tight over the skull.

PK stats:

Kills: 16, Deaths: 14 (Ratio: 1.1, Efficiency: 53%)
Pinnacle Kills: 14, Pinnacle Deaths: 11 (Ratio: 1.3, Efficiency: 56%)

Kills by class:
monk: 6, paladin: 1, berserker: 10, healer: 1, warrior: 2, vampire: 1, illusionist: 1,
Killed by class:
berserker: 5, ranger: 1, vampire: 1, paladin: 1,

Nemesis: Sarsah

Logs mentioning Knabra:


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