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Kumiko created on 22nd of December 2022, and is dead and gone (22 years old, 105 hours, 25 days lifetime)

Title: the Shadow Mistress of the Lau Kaun
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: drow shadow

Background history:

  1. Criminals beware - posted at 2022-12-25 02:49:47
Criminals beware
The bells are ringing in the town square, ding dong ding dong as the locals clamor to see the latest victim to be hanged for their crimes. The announcement is made that this creature will be executed for murder and theft. A young drow girl never missed an execution. She seemed to relish in the opportunity for blood to be spilled in the name of the law. She would give thanks with every drop to the god of blood and as she grew, she would keep a keen eye for criminals. The executioner one day found his axe missing, only to see a young drow swinging it wildly about. Her skill with the axe was laughable at best. She looked at the executioner and said one day I will replace you and criminals will fear me!


The scent of sweet jasmine and rose water surrounds you as this lithe and slender woman hunches before you. Ebony hair falls flat to her waist with a long strand dyed a deep plum. Her furrowed brow is adorned with perfectly shaped eyebrows with high arches forever depicting a look ferocity and anger. Her hollowed cheeks have a slight rouge to them and her slender nose is centered by flared nostrils and an emerald stud in her left nostril. Her pointy ears are just as sharp as her canines that are enveloped by thin lips painted with a purple hue.

PK stats:

Kills: 4, Deaths: 3 (Ratio: 1.3, Efficiency: 57%)
Pinnacle Kills: 3, Pinnacle Deaths: 3 (Ratio: 1, Efficiency: 50%)

Kills by class:
berserker: 1, thief: 1, dark-knight: 1, shaman: 1,
Killed by class:
warrior: 1,

Logs mentioning Kumiko:


  1. twerpalina [reply]
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    shadow justice just ain't what 'dem used to be back in my day, they jus' ain't making 'dem like these any more.
    1. Grayden
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      Yea I finally got around to making a shadow and as I was sidestep piercing paladins to rank faster and the class got nerfed, I feel like classes get nerfed when I make the look badass, poor illusionist class.
    [reply to twerpalina]
  2. Ozaru [reply]
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    So this was mine along with the following, Temy, Kargar, and Gorok. So I multied using my phone as a hot spot with Gorok to have a sustainable ranking partner and someone that could help in eq runs. After Jinjarak my characters have just been pure trash. I wanted to recapture the success I had in fights and just couldn't do with with Kargar, Temy and Etien. So I made Kumiko since Justice had 0 presence and figured at the very least I could be on for people to have a fight and obviously the goal was to win. After the demotion for the Vargan flag I was planning on coming clean to Dav, but then reconsidered because if I delete it would be one less person in the game. After the Kryton beat down, I guess it was easier because when I lose a fight I tend to see my character as less than and expendable. What really put this into perspective for me was attacking Jadius a storm giant berserker who seemed to solo himself to 50 fighting blood shamans. I attacked him a few times and thought what am I doing, I multied to make my life easier, this guy is fighting blood shamans probably getting 100xp by himself because no one else is on and im attacking him. So to Jadius I apologize for doing that, to the rest I apologize for cheating again. Trying to get everything I want on my terms has never worked out and just created a toxic environment. So what ever the punishment is, so be it.
    1. Grayden
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      Oh snap, I got hit years ago for multiple characters trying to figure out sets (because gaining items as an illusionist was quick, but not all sets an illusionist can ware).

      Punishment is public flogging by Davairus himself.

      Just do better, we do need a Justice to at least flag criminals.
    2. Heh.

      I appreciated Kumiko's help, though I observed a couple of breaches of the guidelines besides the wrongful flag. (Mind you, I fined somebody the wrong amount recently...)

      I would say more but it will have to wait until this character is finished.
    3. Davairus
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      Usually in an imm room I'd ask "why'd you do it" but in this case you wrote it out, " I wanted to recapture the success I had in fights and just couldn't" followed with this "I multied to make my life easier"..

      Imagine that you multi'ed eq and then still applied to Justice less than 2 days afterwards.

      Sun Dec 25 22:20:53 2022 :: Kumiko gained level 23
      Sun Dec 25 22:24:09 2022 :: Kumiko gained level 24
      Sun Dec 25 22:30:31 2022 :: Kumiko gained level 25
      Sun Dec 25 22:37:39 2022 :: Kumiko gained level 26
      Sun Dec 25 22:45:45 2022 :: Kumiko gained level 27
      Sun Dec 25 22:54:40 2022 :: Kumiko gained level 28
      Sun Dec 25 23:05:35 2022 :: Kumiko gained level 29
      Sun Dec 25 23:11:58 2022 :: Kumiko gained level 30
      Sun Dec 25 23:24:25 2022 :: Kumiko gained level 31
      Sun Dec 25 23:35:30 2022 :: Kumiko gained level 32
      Sun Dec 25 23:48:28 2022 :: Kumiko gained level 33

      Sun Dec 25 22:19:52 2022 :: Gorok gained level 22
      Sun Dec 25 22:22:20 2022 :: Gorok gained level 23
      Sun Dec 25 22:26:00 2022 :: Gorok gained level 24
      Sun Dec 25 22:32:02 2022 :: Gorok gained level 25
      Sun Dec 25 22:42:34 2022 :: Gorok gained level 26
      Sun Dec 25 22:46:30 2022 :: Gorok gained level 27
      Sun Dec 25 22:55:16 2022 :: Gorok gained level 28
      Sun Dec 25 23:01:08 2022 :: Gorok gained level 29
      Sun Dec 25 23:11:16 2022 :: Gorok gained level 30
      Sun Dec 25 23:22:14 2022 :: Gorok gained level 31
      Sun Dec 25 23:33:09 2022 :: Gorok gained level 32
      Sun Dec 25 23:45:39 2022 :: Gorok gained level 33
      Sun Dec 25 23:57:17 2022 :: Gorok gained level 34

      Charming little christmas present to self here, and then wait for it he's gotta post his app.

      Kumiko:Sun Dec 25 03:34:14 2022
      Kumiko posted an application to justice.

      Less than 24 hours and literally with an active cabal application he's multi'ing his ass off again.

      Mon Dec 26 22:00:27 2022 :: Kumiko gained level 39
      Mon Dec 26 22:25:03 2022 :: Kumiko gained level 40
      Mon Dec 26 22:43:24 2022 :: Kumiko gained level 41
      Mon Dec 26 22:55:36 2022 :: Kumiko gained level 42
      Mon Dec 26 23:06:49 2022 :: Kumiko gained level 43
      Mon Dec 26 23:22:15 2022 :: Kumiko gained level 44
      Mon Dec 26 23:36:09 2022 :: Kumiko gained level 45
      Mon Dec 26 23:50:29 2022 :: Kumiko gained level 46
      Tue Dec 27 00:05:52 2022 :: Kumiko gained level 47

      Mon Dec 26 22:06:35 2022 :: Gorok gained level 39
      Mon Dec 26 22:25:03 2022 :: Gorok gained level 40
      Mon Dec 26 22:39:04 2022 :: Gorok gained level 41
      Mon Dec 26 22:54:45 2022 :: Gorok gained level 42
      Mon Dec 26 23:05:21 2022 :: Gorok gained level 43
      Mon Dec 26 23:19:02 2022 :: Gorok gained level 44
      Mon Dec 26 23:30:26 2022 :: Gorok gained level 45
      Mon Dec 26 23:43:09 2022 :: Gorok gained level 46
      Mon Dec 26 23:57:46 2022 :: Gorok gained level 47

      Terrible. You should probably just take a break from all online games for a while, Ozaru. Go play some candy crush on your phone and level on that, and dont worry nobodys going to be upset that you blew all your money cheating with the lollipop hammer
    4. twerpalina
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      If i'd be Imm, i'd be accepting bribes for level boosts
    5. Scrynor
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      This is probably a controversial opinion but... meh?
      As long as he wasn't multi'ing to gank people it's kind of whatever to me.
      I get the rules exist for a reason and I do believe you'll never end up with a satisfying RP character if uou power group to 50 (cheating or not) and the character therefore doesn't have time to live and breathe and find themself. But, I dunno, some people aren't going for a satisfying RP character... solo leveling to 50 sounds like pure pain to me
    6. Davairus
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      Its not "whatever". Here's why you're completely wrong to dismiss ANY kind of rulebreaking. Its the exact same people that start by picking stupid names (intentional failure to follow rules) that end up punished for some kind of bug/gold exploit that converts into trash pk'ing your herald, and why do they do that? Because in order to reconcile that their achievement is worthless (no effort spent to "earn" the prestige), they must therefore treat YOUR achievements as equally worthless. and then you find your hard worked on character being trash pk'ed. So we must have obedience on the game rules, no matter how stupid. If they are too stupid to follow, the way to handle that is a civil discussion on the forums, not cheating or being an apologist for that. The game rules are not optional. being an apologist for a rulebreaker is a mistake because what you are communicating is that you don't really care about the game, as long as it didn't personally affect you. i think theres enough unrest in the world right now for you to understand why that is bad judgment.
    7. Scrynor
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      Yeah, I fully concede this one to you. Compound behavior of rulebreaking is something I know nothing about having never run a game. Pretty useless post on my part to state it didn't seem that bad to me. I guess I just miss Oz's log output when he's not around even if I don't particularly miss his characters. I like watching the fighty folk fight .
    [reply to Ozaru]
  3. I was really looking forward to fighting you. I don’t care that I’m wanted. I saw how I did afk and I was 40% certain I’d do better than that when paying attention.

    Good luck with the next. I find that putting more time and effort into a character helps to build RP and make them more intrinsically valuable.
      [reply to Artoron]

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