Lalatinia the Holy Shaman
Lalatinia created on 14th of May 2021, and is currently 21 years old (95 hours played).

Title: the Holy Shaman
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: duergar shaman

Background history:


A foul odor wafts over from the short stocky woman standing here. Greasy black hair is pulled back tightly from her heinous face lashed into an untidy fat braid that falls down her back. Glaring red eyes regard the world with hatred from above a bulbous nose upon which sits the largest single wart in existence a single black hair dangling daringly from it. Her dark sweat-covered skin and soil-stained clothing both look ridiculously filthy as if both have avoided a proper cleansing for some time. Dangling above her pendulous freckled cleavage is a shiny golden medallion embossed with a fist with the middle finger extended. Ironically the medallion somewhat obscures a tattoo of a moon with a comical smile. She scurries about frantically on short stubby legs, looking around furtively for something that must be important to her. On a beaded bracelet around her wrist is an orange and black striped tiger's paw.

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