Lezrae the Sorceress of the Astral Mind, High Templar of Valour
Lezrae created on 04th of March 2024, and is currently 28 years old (197 hours played).

Title: the Sorceress of the Astral Mind, High Templar of Valour
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: elf psionicist

Background history:

  1. The Premonition - posted at 2024-03-19 14:21:13
The Premonition
Our story begins in an ancient elven Foyer that sits nestled upon the top of a distant mountain peak, due west of the Arcane City. The elves are historically known for being isolated creatures, ones who keep to themselves and only associate with their own kind. In this ancient Foyer, a fairly large city of Elves were obssessed with training their mind, body and spirit to become fully attuned to the world around them, some of which were able to enter such deep meditation that they could see and travel the world from the Foyer. Lezrae was one of those who could perform such a feat, however it was a strict rule that those who could would not allow themselves to feel or emphathize with the world around them. They were only to see, learn and teach others about the wicked ways in which they could destroy their own civilization, or perhaps improve it if such things were found. This was not the way for Lezrae, for she was a deep feeler. She saw the darkness that swept the lands, the hatred that spread, the anger that she felt as she looked upon the faces of the citizens of the lands. It disturbed her greatly. Yet, the thing that disturbed her the most was an army of Demons she saw gathered on the base of her mountain, assembled in formation ready to murder the life she knew and all she loved. As her projection snapped back into her body, she scouted below to see that there was nothing there, no demons, no fires, no signs of war. She felt a sense of dread as she knew deep in her soul that this was premonition of death to come. In a flash she was gone from the peak and appeared within the city of Valour where she would devote her life to stopping this dream from passing.


A beautiful young maiden, her hair the color of amber. Swirling blue eyes shines like stars on a clear night, the pupils awing in the magnificence of her irises. The long, amber strands of her hair are intertwined with a deep blue lace made of cloth, creating a natural curl that flares out opposite her face. A pointed jaw line and high cheeks bones define her pulchritudinous face, her white skin immaculate and free of age or blemish. The rest of her frame is slender and meek. She does not look particularly strong, but her body is lean and naturally toned, as if she often forgets to eat. A gentle glow appears to surround her body, creating a soft and calming effect on the air. A soft gaze peers out as if she is looking at nothing at all, or perhaps everything all at once.

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