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Mahkto created on 11th of June 2022, and is dead and gone (21 years old, 86 hours, 27 days lifetime)

Title: the Wrath of Nature
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: werebeast ranger

Background history:

  1. Bloody Tears - posted at 2022-06-16 21:14:11
Bloody Tears
Tears of blood stream from the heavens as the birth of our kind come forth. My memory is fading from my transition, but what I remember of my mother and father is fierce and vicious. Both of my parents were skilled with the blade, but they enjoyed to take advantage of the weak and toy with their pray. I remember on one particular dark day, my father shot an arrow at the back of a man's leg immobilizing him. In a flash my mother appeared with dull rusted knife. She snatched his coin purse and began to skin him alive, taking bits of him as trophies. Oh how they laughed and motioned for me to join in. I took my spiked mace and bashed it again his hands, as the blood splattered on my face and his screams filled my ears. A sense of peace overcame me and I could see more clearly than ever. I raised the same mace and brought it ever so closely to his neck. With a whimper his heart stopped and he slumped over dead. I took my sword and cut his ears, nose and tongue from his head and stuffed them in my sack. A voice from the heavens could be heard laughing saying keep them for me, for one day I shall collect your trophies.


A presence of darkness and death surrounds this man before you. He is completely covered in blood and various body parts cling to his frame. A strong stench emanates from his core as you see active wounds fester with various stages of gangrene. Small beady eyes stare back at you lifeless and without emotion. His scalp is cleanly shaven, displaying a brand of a pentagram on the center of his skull. His nose has been broken several times and with each breath he takes you hear him wheeze. Thin arms and legs sprout from this being with oddly shaped fingers and toes. A deep guttural growl begins to feel the space around you.

PK stats:

Kills: 5, Deaths: 3 (Ratio: 1.7, Efficiency: 62%)
Pinnacle Kills: 5, Pinnacle Deaths: 3 (Ratio: 1.7, Efficiency: 62%)

Kills by class:
psionicist: 1, ranger: 3, thief: 1,
Killed by class:
paladin: 2,

Nemesis: Savanti

Logs mentioning Mahkto:
Tags: #legion, #rage


  1. Ozaru [reply]
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    Protest delete for bow nerf.
    1. Davairus
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      are you protesting about having to use hitroll to hit arrows?
    2. Ozaru
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      nope I had 60 hitroll in raknos form with a bow, and got outdamaged easily by a dwarf paladin dual wielding
    3. Davairus
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      the primary "bow nerf" was the point blank bugfix. I warned you about that. I specifically said to expect rangers to suddenly seem way more rubbish without unblockable point blank. What I have done to bows in the last five years is negligible in comparison, and then on top of that, you are on a tilt, not bothering to herb, no recall potion, against what is in many ways a "worst case" opponent. Thinking a combat style advantage was going to dunk a paladin spamming wrath was a huge mistake, and actually a paladin could be punching dirt kicked with no weapon and probably still force you to flee with wraths. you should've just fought a lot more conservatively (i.e. make the most of herb, make tactical retreats, recall potion), keeping it in mind that a paladin runs out of steam because of the mana pool but its not an "instant' thing, go aggressive when you can see they are dropping key protections to still have sanc.

      Good luck with the next.
    4. Ozaru
      1 , 0 , 0 .
      You have two logs to look at on a good vs evil match up with relatively comparable eq. In the first fight dwiggans is using a two handed weapon because of how high the damage out put was and what you did to bows really screws the damage. So I am using defensive stance and actually won most of those encounters forcing him to recall 5 or 6 times. The game play combat style mechanic made sense. Here he dual wields and wins out against a bow and that doesn't make sense. Its not a paladin being a paladin. Point blank isn't an issue I never noticed it being a difference in fights and in these fights i see point blank hitting in my mind just as often. It certainly wasn't anything I was depending on in fights to hit anyway. I think you screwed something up with the hitroll requirement but I can tell you this it makes absolutely 0 sense to play evils when paladins have every benefit and no draw back against evils without protection. Especially against rangers where combat style really doesn't matter in regards to why you make a ranger, its to use a fucking bow.
    5. I am with Davairus this should be a difficult fight but you have some decent points on bow. If this a protection like protective shield you should see some bow misses. I don't think hit and run would work well on a paladin, so maybe I hand him a bag of leperous pus and attack with dual weild?
    6. Kalist19
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      “So I am using defensive stance and actually won most of those encounters forcing him to recall 5 or 6 times.”

      Ok so it doesn’t sound like it’s a rangers vs paladin problem overall. It sounds like you just went up with pure offence (bow) vs pure offence (dual wield) and got out damaged. I don’t think using a bow should automatically mean you beat any race/class combo any time anywhere…especially if the opponent has great gear.

      Mangle arrows and auto point blank were pretty OP. Maybe bow is still great for recking undergeared/unprepared fire giants but not ideal for fully tuned up paladins. Or maybe you just needed to get hasted!
    7. Mogu
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      Berserker is a pretty ridiculous class right now and rangers own them. Once raged they can't flee from your pets tanking. Every class is gonna have a weakness. If rangers didn't everyone would be rolling one and then they'd get nerfed, rightfully so.
    8. Ozaru
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      This is long over due, but i don't think ive ever played a character that had this kind of a vuln. Weapon and spell vuln was very brutal with the only upshot of raknos was not having to worry about being disarmed, but with all the paladins about this uphill climb isn't worth it to me. Maybe an increased proficiency for dirt against paladins to help even that out or maybe a chance to poison in raknos form like art of the tarantula for shadows. Eating disembowls from a wrath weapon then a demolish from wrath was just hard.

      Savanti full looting you was to show you what this game was like when i first started. Boars could actually get all corpse for you and i got full looted all the time. not the best thing for the game then and certainly not now, glad you kept playing.

      Clemenzo - this was just a calculated decision. You had every single piece of equipment I wanted and it was just too easy. Honestly if you even had half of tenors I would have just kept farming the darken beast for ore to make gold eq.

      Milithia I don't know why you didn't kill me. I couldn't do a damn thing against ur vainglory and crested shield. I had no savs on because I couldn't even keep up with your damage in my full set. One poison, blind or plague I would have been dead in 2 rounds.

      A rework for word and recalls needs to happen I hope what you suggested does.

      To the rest im looking forward to my next character and try to flesh out some rp maybe then I won't get so worked about eq and fights and just take what the game brings.
    9. Ozaru: it was a simple risks/rewards calculation that made me decide to stop fighting you temporarily. I knew you would've full looted me if you had won, which meant fighting you carried a risk of not only losing what I had, but giving you better equipment. I also looked at your equipment prior to obtaining Tenor and none of it was anything I wanted, so fighting you gave little reward.

      I actually planned on fighting you again eventually... If you had not deleted, I would've certainly fought again. Even without Tenor as a reward, by the time you deleted you were giving me a valid reason IC to kill you. But when I made the peon comment, I was just trash talking to see what reaction I would obtain. I don't believe that's against the rules, and one of your own characters was trash talking me so let's just say karma's a bitch.
    10. Ozaru
      0 , 0 , 0 .
      What are you interpreting by my comment to you? Saying that you fought well and that you could have easily killed me with blind or plague makes you angry? The peon comment was spot on LOL I couldn't do shit to you.
    11. I'm saying you did stuff I didn't like on a different character, Ozaru.
    12. Ozaru
      0 , 0 , 0 .
      what was it? if u want to tell me on discord feel free imnot sure if the name is under revanse or zabu

      i can't chat on the main page but u can dm me if u want
    [reply to Ozaru]
  2. This is a disappointing delete for me. I had hoped to learn to fight better with you and you pushed me to pinnacle faster than I thought possible.

    After seeing first hand how painful those silver arrows are, I was also surprised the Mer-Monster arrows did not do more. I would have tried those arrows as well.

    Any suggestions?
    1. Davairus
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      mutilates through paladin armor + sanc + protection is understating how hard those arrows are hitting, paladin being paladin
    2. Ozaru
      0 , 0 , 0 .
      its not about the damage in this case for regarding water arrows, its the fact he is hitting me more than I am in an inferior combat style. Looking back at that first fight your point blank nerf hits every round hilarious nice nerf by the way. But I am getting 2 arrow attacks per round with a superior combat match up and a foreign weapon to him while both of his weapons aren't foreign to me. In one round he has 5 attacks and lands 4. Im not on tilt just protesting your game balance and mechanics. Shits not tested and you screwed with a class that didn't need it.
    3. Dogran
      0 , 0 , 0 .
      You are guy who is equally decked as you, has Holy armor bonus, sanctuary and protection from evil. You aren't going to win that fight if he plays it smart. Your not supposed to be able to own every single class it's not how balance works. There will be classes that are easy to fight, and classes that are hard to fight. However I'm willing to bet that dwiggans has greater than 500 ac which is a huge damage mitigation factor. I don't know why you expected to win this fight.
    4. Ozaru
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      you are missing the point. read the first fight log and read this one its just combat style matchup that seems screwed up. And you should win the fight if you outperform the person you are fighting.
    5. Armor
      Vs Pierce: 381
      Vs Bash: 411
      Vs Slash: 433
      Vs Magic: 291
      Vs Ranger Bow: 9999
    6. Scrynor
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      But he had weapon style over you with vainglory segment vs bow shaft. The triangles are supposed to be roughly equal, right? It's a wash. And he gets more from it than you because some of the bonus' are redundant with bow
    7. Scrynor
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      Whoops said it backwards! Weapon type advantage. Vain shaft over bow segment.

      He's also got like double your dam roll I bet.
    8. Davairus
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      you are absolutely on tilt, you are complaining dual wield attacks more often than two hand. well yeah. its two weapons, and your opponent has enough hitroll to connect it easily. literally dual wield increases number of attacks. Nothing looks broken here, and you even managed to still complain about point blank which other two handeds (like your trident) wouldnt have even attempted
    9. Scrynor
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      I think I figured it out.

      A lot of the kit doesn't with if you can't remove the shield or win the damage race. So win the damage race with what you have left. He wants to wrath which is high lag. And in DW he can't defend parting or leading shot. Reclaim the attack count advantage by spamming parting shot and murder with leading as an add when you lose it to force him off dual wield.

      We will never know if that works with the delete but I think it's the right answer for what to attempt next.
    10. Ashlyn
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      Paladins get both enhanced damage and divine might(willpower dependent). Evil ranger doesn’t have the tools to counter the second one. They also get a passive +6 to damage. They also get a metric butt ton of ac due to Holy Armor + heavy armor + armor spell. They are not reliant on combat superiority to be successful as long as they have decent hitroll. They’re intended to be an uphill battle for evils. The only category you really have the edge on him in is hitroll. You also have to maintain combat superiority to have any chance against his massive ac. It’s a terrible matchup on paper. Trying to exploit bow for vuln and extra damage was a poor choice here because you gave up defenses that you need against him. Evil ranger just isn’t built to outdamage a paladin.
    11. Scrynor
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      I still think trying to parting murder him might work. Balance every wrath with 2-4 free attacks
    12. Ozaru
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      Recreate the exact same scenario with Dwiggans dual wielding and mahkto using a staff of storms or the trident. If the damage is equal to him using wrath weapons on mahkto then you fucked with arrows and thats another class I won't bother playing. Because now I need a two handed mithril weapon, a two handed iron weapon, a two handed water weapon, a two handed magic weapon.
    13. I was a Raknos, paladins are just a pain in the ass to fight. I'd try the staff or bow, or just dual wield weapon advantage. Only way to really fight this matchup is in the forest, keeping him dirt kicked...flee, let pets tank, and you get in murders.
      Keep him close, herb, campfire and try to wear down his mana...and wear mental saves to knock the edge off those summons.
    [reply to Zatala]
  3. I’m actually sorry to see you do this. Our interactions were never going to be great (savanti has a surprisingly deep hatred for things he considers abominations, raknos he considers body snatchers and illithids for their enslaving their victims), but after the point blank nerf, we had some battles that were touch and go, which I enjoyed greatly .
      [reply to Savanti]
    1. As always Ozaru you make a fun ranger, this is a very strong class and normally don't dip in this pool.

      I did think that rangers could see rogues hiding and vice versa but no big deal there. The mechanics to hit and run with a bow are there. What are your thoughts on hit and run ranger tactics?
      1. Ozaru
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        You have to find a tactic to fit your play style. Some people wear you down waiting for you to make a mistake. You can easily do that with a ranger, I normally just go full on aggressive. I don't wait for your spells to fall. Their is a log where against Savanti I ran him around until his sanc fell he didn't notice and died. Just do what you are comfortable with and log everything so you can see what they did vs what you did
      [reply to Zatala]
    2. Scrynor [reply]
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      Third party theory-crafting thoughts.

      I've read a ton of ranger logs because Ozaru posts so many. I've always wondered how a bow would actually do against somebody who is geared to the teeth and dual wielding. I always kinda suspected it would not be a clear win. My thoughts always went:

      The whole point of bow is that you surrender defenses, it bypasses many defenses naturally, and it is easy to hit enemy vulns, right? This allows the ranger to stack dam roll over hit roll and try to get to that bow. But this also means combat advantage isn't as big a deal because a lot of the combat advantage benefits are redundant with the advantages of a bow, especially since rangers don't have abilities with extra effects with combat advantage.

      So dual wield vs bow is basically a damage race, right? Very few defenses for them. Very few for you. But they've got 2 weapons. So now we have Mahkto who is really stacking hit roll over dam roll and also has a vulnerability that can be hit. Suddenly, the 2 weapons can out race the bow by number of attacks.

      I don't think any of that seems wrong. I think the issue is a class issue. The right move other than Dav's grind-him-to-0-mana proposal (which is a bit dicey if Mahkto is straight up losing the fight) is to not go bow vs DW when the damage is close together. You should dual wield and double disarm him. Except you can't do that because he is using vain glory. The class issue isn't the bow or the damage output. It is that no remove weapons and shields has an outsized impact on rangers. It basically renders their entire kit obsolete leaving them with no tactical options other than try to win more flee / murders than their opponent. There really is no way for Mahkto to force somebody like Dwiggans off his dual wield (unless a regular two hander could do it?).

      All that said, it is also like Dav said. It is a terrible matchup. A whole lot of other classes have a whole lot of more terrible matchups than evil rangers.
      1. Dwiggans might've gotten the idea of using Vainglory from me indirectly... I picked it up initially for several reasons: first, it gave me a source of wrath damage (I figured it's always nice to have one ready in case vampires show up); second, it was a decent magical weapon which is not too hard to obtain; finally, as a DK I don't have to worry about getting stuck at any point with noremove equipment because I can cast weapon freeing at will (no need for potions).

        It turned out that Vainglory had other uses... I've actually used it against Savanti sometimes. Pair it with one of the noremove shields and I don't have much to worry about when fighting a ranger. Before the bow change, I went specifically for a shield because of how nasty some of the bow skills can be (though they have their limitations as well - As I essentially said to Savanti in an earlier log, he hasn't seen some of the things I can do as a result of my class abilities.).
      2. Scrynor
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        Yeah there really isn't much a ranger can do if you go double no remove sword board. I mean they still have their beasts and everything and they'll have combat advantage in dual wield but for active commands they are pretty much left with dirt. I don't think they are underpowered or anything but I do wish they had some more interesting options for no remove scenarios. I wish the had something that did extra stuff with combat advantage like fighters, berserker, thieves, ninjas. Something to help them force people off a weapon set
      3. Funny enough, got the idea fer Vainglory a time ago from Ordan, me thinks. Was givin' me pointers on how to fight the critter called Hraozen. Never had the chance to fight Hraozen proper, me only encounter with him was me a runnin' fast as me stubby legs would go.

        Vainglory be a fine mace, aye. Overlooked even. Don't care fer it occasionally tormentin' me fer walkin' the path o' Light but nothin' I can't handle.
      4. Scrynor> you raise some good points. Paladins and DKs don't care as much about combat style (at least against rangers) because that is specifically intended to counter dodging, which they don't have. Two-handed weapons are often the best option for a paladin or DK, though if their opponent can sideswipe the weapon that isn't the case.

        Also, your point about dealing with noremove scenarios... Aside from thieves and berserkers (the former can pry the weapon, though that's less effective now, and the latter can simply destroy the weapon), I can't think of anyone who can directly cause the loss of a noremove weapon. Sure, weakening them with poison/weaken/whatever might work if it's a big enough weapon, but I wouldn't consider the reliable.
      5. Scrynor
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        Yeah I'm not talking about the ability to get rid of the no remove item. I'm talking about gaining an advantage if the stay locked into a weapon set which might add up and force them to change.
        Berserker has stuff like barrage, hobble, and overhead.
        Thieves have sidestep and clobber.
        Just stuff that does extra things if you know your opponents weapon load out. Rangers don't have anything like that so it's easy easier to sit in no remove forever.
      [reply to Scrynor]
    3. twerpalina [reply]
      1 , 0 , 4 .
      1) A stout dual-wielding dwarf paladin that basically stands there like a stump should not require too much accuracy for an experience ranger to land arrows into

      2) How else are you going to win a matchup vs already overtuned class if even with all advantage you can't even outdps it :D

      3) Ozaru is right.
      1. twerpalina
        1 , 0 , 0 .
        In any realistic scenario, how is the slow metal-clad paladin with melee weapons even able to melee a high dex nimble ranger who's shooting it with a bow?
      2. Mark me words, this soul be reincarnatin' neutral and comin' after me something fierce.
      3. Ozaru
        0 , 4 , 0 .
        No thats now how I play the game. I don't log on at specific times when i know I have support, break paladin rp by ganking somoene 4v1. If I play a neutral it would be as if we never met.
      4. Very well. Then I'll be eatin' me words instead.
      5. Mogu
        1 , 0 , 0 .
        @Ozaru If you're referring to that no_death log between you and Dwiggans and who was breaking RP I think you need to read it again.
      6. Davairus
        2 , 0 , 0 .
        no he doesnt have every advantage, he is weapon disadvantaged (mace vs segmented weapon) and read history books, knights countered bows by wearing fullplate and they are bows and arrows not armor piercing rounds from an m15, but it isnt even really about that since he has other weapons to use and its not like anyone has ever changed from 50 hitroll dual wield to a bow and then switched to full damroll items because bows dont need any hitroll. thats crap. and theyre the only weapon in the game that can hit material vulns, so imbalanced that the progress of the game is impeded by the retarded setup. bows are much better place than they were. its point blank that hurt. last time i will repeat that
      7. Ozaru
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        i forget what paladin oath prevents them from using numbers, if he is that one he broke paladin rp, i would imagine underhanded tactics would also include hiding in town to heal and using numbers as well so two of the oaths have cases of broken rp. then actually saying in normal english not his normal dwarven speak that i sound like someone familiar infront of others sounds like insanity to me to out me. So should I just report him on all three of those cases mogu?
      8. Ozaru
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        I don't know why you keep mentioning point blank, it hit every round i fought dwiggans with a bow. Just admit that you changed arrows and now you are forcing rangers to use a different two handed weapon because u think having different none rare arrows is unfair to a pbase that has vulns. So now rangers have to work even harder. Regardless I for one am not going to play a ranger when you nerf one of the biggest attributes to playing them.
      9. Mogu
        1 , 0 , 0 .
        'Ye sound like someone else I crossed paths with.'
        'Exactly like that someone else.'
        'Bugger off now.'

        How is Dwiggans supposed to say that? Meanwhile you had some sort of Yoda speak thing going in some logs but completely abandon it when talking to him. I think Dwiggans is calling out exactly what Dav was referencing when he said nothing is worse than seeing the player visibly bleeding into their character. You always complain about eq hoarding across every character.

        And I don't know what helpfile you're referencing. Regardless, RP is deeper than a help file.
      10. Ozaru
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        help sacred oath try it out
      11. Mogu
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        I can't read. Please copy paste exactly the sentence/paragraph you're referencing.
      12. Davairus
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        There is a saying that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, it goes without saying that if you are going to continuously bash other people's roleplaying then you invite that same microscope. Maybe your pk'ing is above average, but when it comes to roleplaying you are the guy who is getting caught recycling old descriptions.. this ones barely passable. It looks like you took Revanse desc and watered it down... and this doesnt embarass you somehow. So quit pontificating about paladin RP. told you already, paladins answer to their pledged god, and you said you dropped the issue
      13. Ozaru
        0 , 1 , 2 .
        wow that is freaky, I just read the revanse desc I didn't even remember it was commended LOL. I swear I didn't water it down, that was freaky how similar it was. In regards to the rp comment Mogu brought it up to defend his buddy. So if he wants to take shots at me, be ready for defense. RP has never been important to me or a priority. So no recycling descs doesn't embarrass me because it doesn't affect my play style. I don't put any effort into it anymore because you have called out my characters on the log board, other players have outed my characters and nothing happens to those people. Plus my enjoyment comes from winning fights or in the off chance helping a player in game. I could give two shits about poetry in game, the mystique, muffins all of that shit its not what im here for.

        So if a knight wants to crusade and call me a coward while not wanting to get wanted - to me bad rp
        when a paladin auctions an item off from my evil corpse to his ooc evil friend warlord- to me bad rp
        when same warlord gets killed in a duel cries about it but doesn't act on the death mark- to me bad rp
        when the entire warlord cabal refuses to fight to death and says i have no honor and not worthy of duel - to me bad rp
        when a protection/devotion paladin leads a gank squad - to me bad rp
        when scholars, heralds and mystics participate in a gank squad - to me bad rp
        when the same 4 people log into the game on friday nights, only helping each other or their friends newest character - to me bad rp

        the best rp i ever saw was i think a necromancer named wryth that had a parrot do the talking for him. Shit was amazing

        everything else has been stupid in my opinion.

        you don't have to agree with me, but if i want to voice my opinion fortunately here I can. If you don't want me to then I guess delete the post or ban the account i don't care honestly.
      14. Ozaru
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        Do you use some kind of plagiarism app for descriptions? that seems like way too much work and am I the only one you check up on? LOL
      15. Davairus
        1 , 0 , 0 .
        that reminds me, its fucking embarassing that you got to 17 warlords before somebody finally stopped you from just re-using the same desc over and over.
      16. Mogu
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        @Ozaru not "defending my buddy", just calling out your blatant hypocrisy. And if you think Dwiggans is Protection/Devotion guess again, you've got a 50% shot and you know he's not an elf. Hopefully you can do the math.
      17. Scrynor
        1 , 0 , 0 .
        This is odd. How can you be so confident declaring you don't care about a certain facet of the game and also completely not understand people who make the reverse choice?

        You and RP players are very much playing two different games in the same sandbox. This reads like a list of outcomes you find annoying when you attempt to force them to play the game you're playing instead of the game they are playing.
      18. Ozaru
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        Are you saying all 17 of my warlords had the same description because that is simply not true. I think 2 of them have a commended description, 1 for sure.

        50% Eh? protection/devotion/vengeance so wouldn't it be 1 out of 3. Ive only made eradication so I don't know what skills the other ones get. Someone who is just making sausages for people and is pretty passive in game doesn't appear to be that vengeful. But thats my opinion and if his immortal thinks he's fine you clearly care more than I do.

        And to stiehl their is some of that. Not too long ago two players made halfling thieves, they permagrouped and had commended descriptions. i wish I could remember the names, but that seemed like it was an inside job. That shit is embarrassing, when you tell me immortals make changes to the game to benefit themselves and you can't control it, that shits embarrassing.

        I deleted this character to protest your change regarding bows and arrows, fundamentally I think its stupid to force a character to use a different 2 handed weapon vs dual wielding when a ranger could/should use a bow. That is my opinion and choice, you don't have to like it or agree. Frankly I don't care, you don't see a problem my solution is to not play rangers end of story.
      19. Mogu
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        Sigh. "50% shot and you know he's not an elf". You even mentioned the fourth one in your response.
      20. Passively sent ye to yer grave. Then had meself a particularly juicy sausage, aye.
      21. Davairus
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        Ozaru that isn't an opinion, its a delusion. You fought a tank with a bow and arrow. You ate shit doing the same damage bows have done since 2015 because you tried to go toe-to-toe with a dwarf that had a weapon advantage hitting your vuln. Any advantage you thought you had was nullified. Don't brawl like that with dwarves - they'll win because they have a lot more starting HP than you and their fighting stats are enormous. And paladins automatically a 25% damage reduction in evil AND an increase in damage once they finish building their will gauge. Even if you had unblockable point blanks, you'd have still lost that exchange.. it was better to go for the long haul against the dwarf mana pool. and what's fucked about it, is that even someone who played AR for only a week could see why you got absolutely bulldozed. It is THAT elementary. The ultimate delusion you are investing in here is expecting I would actually give a shit about if you play rangers though.
      22. Ozaru
        1 , 0 , 0 .
        Can you just answer these questions with a yes or no?

        Do water arrows affect dwarves in the same way a staff of storms does?

        Do piercing arrows and water arrows do relatively the same damage on a dwarf?
      23. Davairus
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        I bet you didn't even know rangers got staff until Kalist made the suggestion
      24. Ozaru
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        I guess you can't then.
      25. 1. Aye
        2. No
      26. Davairus
        1 , 0 , 0 .
        ask stupid questions get stupid answers
      27. Ozaru
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        But yeah I did create a bug because I couldn't use zyxel staff even though it does unholy wrath. Unfortunately holy/unholy vuln is the same so raknos that are unholy creatures can't wield it. Seems lazy coding to me, but meh
      28. Ozaru
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        I don't think its a stupid question, its a game mechanic question that has been brought up and you have a lot of people reading this who I am sure want to know. I can guarantee you Zalata and Savanti could greatly benefit from understanding how arrows work and what situations they should use it.
      29. Davairus
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        this is one of those "tucker carlson" style stupid questions that has a completely obvious reason why you asked it. its just inflammatory rhetoric, and its way past time to quit making so much drama. I'm disappointed in you. There's your answer.
      30. Ozaru
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        I think you are missing the point dude, I just spent the last 20 minutes reading my log with Savanti with Mahkto and Tiram. Clear difference in arrow damage, if arrows for keepers got changed back to normal great. If arrow damage got changed in general to lower vuln damage thats your call, I just want to know if it did or didn't Because if you didn't change arrow damage then I can accept I got out played. If you did change arrow damage and you are forcing rangers to utilize more weapons and not depend on bows to just own thats your call. I just want to understand what changed if anything.
      31. Ozaru
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        And obviously im talking about my iron arrows to him.
      32. Ozaru
        0 , 0 , 0 .

        Clear confusion on bow/arrow vulns
      33. Davairus
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        knights have gained a damage reduction cabal power vs evils since the last time you played one, which makes your comparison totally invalid
      34. Ozaru
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        Thank you for answering the question. Good for them knight powers were borderline terrible.
      [reply to twerpalina]
    4. Stiehl26 [reply]
      1 , 0 , 0 .
      @dav “that reminds me, its fucking embarassing that you got to 17 warlords before somebody finally stopped you from just re-using the same desc over and over.”

      I’m just going to say that is how little time the imms are taking to approve descriptions…right? If imms are t checking then that leads people to think they don’t care..if they don’t care to put in the effort…should the players?
      1. It's definitely worth putting in the effort to create a description for your character, if you ask me. I'll admit this character doesn't have the best description by any means and I was a bit lazy, but it's passable. Your description can be a great way to add depth to your RP... Maybe you have some sort of scar or other mark which isn't immediately obvious in origin. You can use parts of your description which stand out as talking points if people notice them and comment on them. Conversely, it can be a great way for people to break the ice if they RP by commenting on something they notice about another character. I've seen people comment on the color of another character's eyes for example.

        With that said, we had a cabal member recently (I'm not referring to the one this GY is about) who had two or three (possibly four, I don't recall) noteworthy errors in their description. I realize I'm powerless to do anything regarding approval of descriptions, but I debated whether to mention it to the Immortals and ultimately decided against doing so.

        One last note: from what I've seen, the Immortals take reports/inquiries or even notes asking questions seriously. I don't think they're unwilling to act if there's an obvious problem.
      2. Davairus
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        I wouldn't say that is true at all. I'm very happy with what the Immortals contributed and continue to contribute. Most our imms are avid readers. Unfortunately when player descriptions are largely mediocre drivel, its very unrealistic to expect the imms to stay highly motivated. We're not expecting fluidly flowing awesomeness of Tolkien here, but what we get is typically as Militha just mentioned, lazy/passable stuff, and that's a turn-off when its coming from the vet players. (I dont mean just a turn off from checking descs - I mean a turn off from wanting to even login anymore). I try to encourage good descs by having the gold trim thing and making sure we have well-written areas where the time is taken. For example if you just rolled a new character into the newbie academy today, you can see the overlord monsters in there is an unholy mass of adventurers. Its not just some boring zombie. So the example is being set very early on to get creative. It is really up to the players. Because of the impact of the mediocre descs on turning imms off from the game, I am going to suggest you never say anything like that again, instead thank the imms for their volunteered time and that what they do is appreciated.
      3. Not that you're looking for feedback but if your goal is more interesting descriptions I think it might behoove you to ease the rules with respect to what you can do in them. The strict interpretation of it being only what any person sees when the look at you at any time is very limiting and makes very difficult to write what you want. It is demotivating to put effort into writing something and get forced to repeatedly edit and reduce it. Nobody has ever accused me of being concise or lacking effort in writing and I kind of phoned mine in out of frustration building across multiple characters. If you loosen up the rules for it to just be an interesting jumping off point for RP interactions I think you'd get more interesting results from the players. Just my 2 cents.

        (And I'm not being ungrateful for the effort. What Dogran does is a grind and he's just obeying the rules. But I think altering those rules might benefit everybody).
      4. Ceridwel
        1 , 0 , 0 .
        When it comes to typos and spelling mistakes in descriptions I take that shit very seriously. If I approve a description with a error in it I treat it the same as me releasing a bug into the game. Typos, spelling errors, shitty grammar etc in players' descriptions, room descriptions, mob descriptions and helpfiles in a text-based mud are like UI bugs in graphics-based games. If you ever see errors of this kind in any of the places I just mentioned please log an ISSUE and I will fix it, stat. I might be more passionate about fixing these bugs than I do about eating bacon...and I fricken love bacon.
      5. ... can you delete the last 2 lines of my approved background 1?
        It has been driving me crazy forever...
      6. Ashlyn
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        Can confirm. Ceridwel is tired of correcting my terrible descriptions by now.
      7. Ceridwel
        3 , 0 , 0 .
        No but I've "rejected" it so it is now in edit mode and you're able to fix it and resubmit it.
      8. Thank you kindly! I can finally bury my shame and sleep at night...
      9. I have a misplaced semicolon in my first background submission! Can you gracefully reject it for this poor gnome magician?
      10. Dogran
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        I am description patrol bothers you. It is one of the responsibilities of a low level imm. With that said, I take it seriously. This is an rp mud, and some examples of stuff that I have not allowed through are things like someone taking a major action everytime someone looks at them. If I look at you for instance, you aren't going to do jumping jacks randomly (No not a real example, but comparable to some things I have dealt with) . So what happens if I look at you, and then do a double take and look at you for a different reason right away? You just randomly took that strange action twice. A lot of offenders tell people what they think, for instance, paladins have a literal ability that makes them resist fear, and to say that they all fear fear when they look at you is silly. More of stuff in that vein.
      11. Ceridwel
        1 , 0 , 0 .
        Foggledonk: done.
      12. Ceridwel
        1 , 0 , 0 .
      13. Hopefully didn't miss my chance to continue this conversion.

        I understand your interpretation Dogran and why you run it the way you do. I think of descriptions as much more of a one off scene than a "every time they look at you" affair even though the description is shown every time the look command is used in a MUD. People don't read the description every time they look. They are just checking equipment. To me, the equivalent to the description is the dungeons and dragons rooted first character description given by the player at the first encounter. You can't put actions on your audience but you can do a lot more than your current interpretation. The whole point is bernhardt able to convey meaningful information about your character in a show don't tell fashion to help get that first interaction going. As a one off you can convert information with actions and environment that you are not doing all the time even while you sleep.

        I just think you'd get a lot more interesting stuff if you took that DnD rooted interpretation. AR populated with a horrific propensity for disfigurement and scaring as people attempt to differentiate within the current constraints.
      [reply to Stiehl26]
    5. Ashlyn [reply]
      7 , 0 , 0 .
      Oz's GY's have the best drama. It's better than reading cheap romance novels. Im jealous actually.
        [reply to Ashlyn]
      1. Ozaru I just want to remind you that everyone isn’t out to get you. Mahkto and Zstrxiq had a well functioning uneasy alliance. I never planned on betraying you. I meant it when I said I’d treat you as an ally until you betrayed me (always imagined that was a possibility given this character’s chaotic tendencies and legion membership). I liked that about Mahkto. I figured together we had a decent chance at killing some of those Friday night players/scholars/knights/etc.
        1. Mikoos
          0 , 0 , 0 .
          I strongly disagree with this statement. Think it's pretty obvious everyone is out to get him.

          Also sup Ozzy? How's it going? How's life? I haven't forgotten my duty, man just been busy. Thought I'd stop by and say hello, but goodbye for now.
        [reply to Zstrxiq]
      2. Ashlyn [reply]
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        I disagree with the disagreement. I don't think everyone is out to get Ozaru. Personally, I'd like to be able to consistently win against someone as skilled as him, but I think I'm currently 2-9. He's had a lot of impactful characters and I feel like we're waiting for the "white buffalo" that sticks around like lovelorn fans.
        1. Mikoos
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          I disagree with your disagreement of the disagreement. Point is Dav made a new event listener and an array of new events called "things_that_trigger_ozzy" once an event is caught a callback function is called that triggers a shell script that notifies of us said happening via twitter.
        2. Mikoos
          0 , 0 , 0 .
          *that notifies us of said happening.

          also the shell script uses curl to post.
        3. Didn't the AR Twitter get knocked offline because some jerks were posting polls not suitable for general audiences on the AR forum?
        4. Mikoos
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          Sigh, this is what I get for being absurd.
        5. Ashlyn
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          I disagree with your disagreement about my disagreeing about the original disagreement. No take backsies, double stamp.
        6. Davairus
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          that happened, but its not why, I pulled out of social media because those platforms became a dumpster fire thats always in the news over some dumb hashtag stuff and it takes the player out of our experience moreso than it attracts anyone in. at least that is what the analytics say
        7. (removed)
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        [reply to Ashlyn]

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