Mirtolda the Ruler of the Dead
Mirtolda created on 05th of March 2021, and is currently 27 years old (126 hours played).

Title: the Ruler of the Dead
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: human necromancer

Background history:

  1. The Grain Farmer - posted at 2021-04-01 03:54:15
The Grain Farmer
A number of years ago, there was a family of corn farmers which lived somewhere in the Outerlimits near Darkhaven. The family grew the best corn in the area... Which brought upon them the interest of the Legion. The Legion demanded tribute in the form of part of the harvest each year. The demands never ceased, even when the harvest started to decrease in size... During one particularly nasty drought, the family nearly starved. Mirtolda was the one member of the family who seemed capable of handling everything. It made sense, too; she was the eldest child, and she shrugged off hardship somehow. She was especially good at harvesting the corn and tending to the fields... She knew the fields in and out, including the scarecrow partway towards one central edge. It was a surprise to her one day when the scarecrow came to life and spoke to her. She was carrying the scythe which she used in another part of the field for the wheat crop, and the scarecrow pointed at the scythe and said, "Your family is dead. You should now prepare to harvest their souls as well as the crop before leaving here." Mirtolda shuddered but went back to then farmhouse and noticed that indeed, her parents and siblings all looked dead. To make sure she wasn't hallucinating, she touched their corpses with her implement. Blood was spilled, but they did not respond to her plaintive cries at first so she had to make sure they were truly dead. At that point, she picked up a basket and carried all the corn she could put in it to the market before enlisting in the guild of necromancy, with the parallel role served by its members as a reaper.


Before you is a young lady who seems to be not too far out of puberty in terms of age and possibly maturity. Her ginger-red hair extends behind her shoulders and halfway down her back, and the hair from her scalp extends to the sides of her neck and completely covers her right eye. Her one visible eye appears to be a bright emerald green in shade, which suggests she is a natural beauty. However, you sense that she may be something else, too; her skin is unusually pale, as though she were covered in chalk or a nonexistent white sheet. Her musculature is not precisely great; sure, she has developed a pair of small and firm rounded breasts, but that seems merely a matter of serendipity than a commonality amongst her organs. Likewise, the very bony hips and visible ribcage would suggest she barely eats enough to survive. Then too, her slender legs make her appear to be gaunt, and she looks like she could use a meal or two.

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