Nyth the Grand Spectre of Beguilement
Nyth created on 27th of April 2020, and is currently 28 years old (188 hours played).

Title: the Grand Spectre of Beguilement
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: quasit illusionist

Background history:

  1. A new beginning... - posted at 2020-05-17 05:34:37
A new beginning...
Nyth stood atop a hill staring at the skies, three huge rift ripped across the skies in the greatest war possible to befall the Abyssal Plane. Streaks of death flew across the skies. 'Master... It is time for us to depart... The War is lost, we have to leave.' Nyth said in a trembling voice 'The War is over but my place is here. We will stand till the end.' As his master was saying with all the pride behind his voice, a black bolt struck him in the chest and vaporized him on the spot, leaving all but a pile of ashes. Nyth scrambled for cover behind the door. It is now, or never. He flew with all the speed he could muster, down the stairs and into his room. There he pulled out a scroll hidden under a removeable slab. A scroll that was left behind by his parents telling him to use it when he is in danger. The ground trembled as a death bolt struck his home, ripping a section of the walls he thought once stood strong. Nyth jumped in shocked. Taking in a deep breath, Nyth focused his eyes on the scroll and started reading... The room turned dark... And a dark portal appeared. Without a thought, Nyth flew straight into it.


Floating in mid-air before you is a tiny horned humanoid with a long tail. Its slightly bulkier form suggests that he represents the male species of his kind. Sharp raptor-like claws extend from his three fingers on each hand. Lean limbs flex with muscular strength despite his tiny size. A silly devilish grin flashes across his face from time to time, showing off his needle-like teeth for all to see.

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