Peemo the Sage of Arcane Power
Peemo created on 20th of April 2022, and is currently 24 years old (96 hours played).

Title: the Sage of Arcane Power
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: avian invoker

Background history:

  1. Growth as the pendulum swings - posted at 2022-04-21 04:42:31
Growth as the pendulum swings
From a young age, Peemo learned very quickly about balance. He learned that there was light and darkness. He witnessed many of his kind get brutalized and sacrificed to the dark gods, while others would go out of their way to save a damsel in distress. It took him some time, but eventually he found the perfect medium, right down the middle. There was nothing the young avian wouldn't do to keep the balance in his life. He grew up knowing that the balance in his life would project onto those around him. It wasn't long before he became keen on the elements, learning how to harness and bend them to his will. In that he found both chaos and order, another perfect example of balance that he would embrace. One particular evening Peemo would discover something he would hold true to his heart for the rest of his days, his devotion to Lord Olyn.


Long, flowing hair, the color of desert sand sweeps back from the forehead of this avian male. Slightly below a pair of thin, eyebrows, speckled with a slightly golden hue, his brown eyes beam with a zealous curiousity. Between them a neatly cascading nose splits his round face which seems to end abruptly with a wide, square jaw. The light color of his neatly groomed hair seems to coincide with the ashen complexion of his skin. His body is well developed and tall, as he remains in an upright, rigid form. His large wings span out from the center of his back to either side, giving him much more girth than a normal humanoid. If one happens to see this avian move they may notice practiced and dexterous motions as if each muscle is working in unison to achieve higher effectiveness. He almost seems to possess some mechanical traits at times with sharp, rigid movements.

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