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Pynder created on 26th of May 2023, and is dead and gone (22 years old, 80 hours, 3 months lifetime)

Title: the Grasp of Power
Gender: Male
Level: 44
Class: storm giant berserker

Background history:


This giant is as tall as the trees. He has long white hair and a matching white beard. Curly white chest hair can even be seen trying to escape via the neckline. All that hair looks wind blown and unkempt. His skin is a light pale color with a hint of green and eyes are a darker version of that tint. There are numerous scars, but they blend well into his natural skin tone.

PK stats:

Kills: 0, Deaths: 7 (Ratio: 0, Efficiency: 0%)
Pinnacle Kills: 0, Pinnacle Deaths: 0 (Ratio: 0:0, Efficiency: 0%)

Kills by class:

Killed by class:
monk: 1, thief: 1, druid: 1,


  1. Grayden [reply]
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    Dang BG3, just kidding, mine game is finally updated though.

    Elephant was cool, just for show, but the mental image was on point.

    I know a lot of effort to be frustrated at loss of constitution. Could we suspend Con loss for berserkers until level 50?
      [reply to Grayden]
    1. Sorry to see this. Pynder was definitely awesome to gain ranks with. I personally would have liked to see this character reach pinnacle.

      I like your con loss idea, but with a broader approach in mind.

      If we need an incentive to have more pinnacled characters, perhaps some free deaths would be nice. Maybe 5 built in free deaths at character creation that works kind of like the reverse of rare item holding; level 15 can hold on to all 5; 20 can hold 4 free deaths; 30 3; 40 2; at pinnacle if you haven't used any then you only keep 1? If you did get to keep all 5 at 50 then people would still get mad if they die, but if you only get to keep 1 then you've essentially lost nothing dying (5 times or less) before pinnacle. Battles with a gap in ranks are always entertaining to watch, but the reality is we often frown upon the person who is a higher rank if they engage. With free deaths there would be less reason to view people as trash for having a little fun engaging lowbies, as it should be, so long as there is a little RP involved. From what I gather, an effort has been made to prevent people from rage deleting. What if, people just had less reason to get frustrated in the first place because of potentially unfair situations during the ranking process? Maybe this idea sucks or maybe it could serve as a useful template. -Just my two cents

      Good luck on your next!
      1. Scrynor
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        Different idea on the same flavor, what about a death clock? Do a ritual to the God of Blood, all con loss goes away, but the character auto deletes in 30 days. No cabal leaders here. Just great for people trying a new class or looking to practice PK for the first time. Tabs your lickins and don't keep in tickin
      2. Davairus
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        is the issue lives or losing con points? dont you guys save your trains? serious question
      3. Xenyar
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        Like Dav said, save a few trains. If it's a cast away char, then trying to get that extra 30 hp from those trains isn't really necessary.
      4. Scrynor
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        This could just be me but I never save trains on a character I am intending to get saucy with. I feel like I'm already the worst, why put myself in a bigger hole? I feel like I'm down 30 hp from the jump just because Oz trains like 9 skills and I train most of them out of curiosity (no offense Oz! I miss your logs I'm learning slower lately). Could just be me though. Auto training is easy, not sucking is hard.
      5. Scrynor
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        Wait I realized I didn't answer your question directly Dav.

        The grand unknown freaks me out. I have no idea how crippling lack of con is for defensive skills. I lose 2 con points and I can't help but wonder if I'm bad or if my character is compromised. I am prone to analysis paralysis. It's a personal flaw. But con loss freaks me out. I imagine this fake perfectly balanced class race world where imperfect stats just screw you.
      6. Kalist19
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        I've never saved a train for con in my life. I have fled from plenty of battles at 1-9hp and escaped to live though.

        Embrace your low con! Hold it as a badge of honor - I have on any chars that I've had lots of deaths with (usually for rp reasons). There's lots of eq that can boost con - or just screw it! Low con never killed anybody...
      7. Lower constitution also lowers hp regeneration and the effectiveness of shield block. Just saying.
      8. On the other hand... If you're tossing all your trains into hp, for your average person (which means not elite folks like Kalist or Xenyar) it's more important to improve their battle strategy and keep some trains for constitution while learning the style of their choice of character (unless they plan on throwing away characters like trash) than to get some more hp. I tend to save 2 or 3 sessions for constitution on most characters, though I did not this time and have already lost 1 point (likely soon to be another) due to reckless behavior.

        Keep in mind, I chose to be more aggressive and spill more blood with this character, even though this has resulted in my death quite often. Two deaths not on my record were to Aerysen (he crusaded me first before I could challenge him, so when I tried it said I had an active challenge) and Kryton (who accidentally declined my challenge after we had immediately jumped into the fight). I'd rather be entertaining (at least to the Blood God if nothing else) than another boring person who seeks self-preservation at all costs and is unwilling to take risks.
      9. Davairus
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        An easy solution for this is to just change the mithril girths current +1 hitroll to +2 con, we could keep the dex but the big thing is having a proper progression off of the goblin village steel belt. From mithril girth you could go for the leather bandit belt and get nice looking rings (which are +1 con) instead of just wearing the mithril girth til level 40 (or til you lose a con point)
      10. Grayden
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        Jade rings are a good option and random items. Either way the codex can help. Fireforge mabe, convinced that stop granting dex and str but I think con is still on the table.
      11. Davairus
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        i think thats backward grayden. a little +con gear needs to fall into your hands quite easily so that when you are levelling casually and lose that first con point, it has less impact. It'd be really convenient to just have the mithril girth help sort that problem out, with the option being to go use codex to get hitroll instead of con and dig yourself a hole in the pursuit of hit/dam. +con on the bloodstone would be another nice option
      [reply to Elyr]
    2. Well, I have a few things to say (mostly positive, and the negative is not directed at you Grayden):

      #1: Thanks for saving my life in Darkhaven the one time. I was hesitant to even ask for your aid given our alignment differences.

      #2: I had no negative interactions with this character.

      #3: There were recently two other berserkers I came across at different points who were acting suspiciously like somebody was playing them AFK or on their phone or possibly even using two characters at once given that the character obviously had triggers which I was able to "fire" with the right actions. I had no such indications anything out of the ordinary was going on with Pynder (and he was created before then anyway), and while it's not glowing praise to say somebody did not taint my experience, the fact is that I tend to look at berserkers with suspicion these days after recent actions from the Immortal staff (presumably taken by Davairus himself).
        [reply to Afales]
      1. Grayden [reply]
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        @Afales - Ah shit on a stick, I may know exactly what you are talking about and both these characters could have been controlled from my phone, no worries just one logged in at a time, but sometimes I have to be mindless for a few minutes. The alternative is to log off when the blood dries and log back in 5 minutes later or leave some triggers and commands to help the party. There is no pause my stomach bubbles or oh shit my boss wants to talk about golf. - if I tried to play only at home on a PC I would never get to play.

        @Davairus for me it is not the oh my defense is not as good but a feeling I screwed that character out of 10 hp and that's going to make a difference. I can get gear for Con but really the issue is my mentality. Also berserkers going for pinnacle seem like a low fruit. This character I decided I would log off if killed with no communication/ rp before the death. I just lost the love for this guy after the third log off, but the elephant was a nice touch.
        1. Grayden
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          Oh and how no con loss until pinnacle?

          I know people say oh it's 20 hp, but it really depends on the class/race mix. This character was not going to reach 1,000 hp. I put it all in hp but could tell I was going to come up short.

          Etheath had just under 500 hp because I practiced everything and put some in mana. Later I tried not doing that and got almost 700 hp, so 200 hp not 20 hp like was said so dismissively.

          Also feel free to talk trash, I take none of it personally.
        2. Grayden> were those characters Wruk and Gruk? They reminded me of someone else entirely...
        3. Grayden
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          Happy to say it was not Wruk or gruk, so hopefully the other character I am thinking of, like Pynder those commands were less noticeable.

          I did at one point add a trigger to attack a certain monster if looked at, that one I think is too far and emerision breaking when other players realize they can trigger you.
        4. There is certainly a limit to use/effectiveness of triggers. One of our most well known characters within a certain class made heavy use of a trigger, and somebody figured out this was happening and turned the tables on them.

          On the other hand, we had a blind player coming around within the last few months who from what I understand was using a screen-reader to play the game. There were times they needed me to show them what mob we were fighting (indicating it with a nod etc.) so they could perform simple commands to fight it. In that fringe case, I could argue they would benefit more from triggers than have to worry about the downsides.
        [reply to Grayden]
      2. Grayden [reply]
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        How about no con loss for anyone until 50?
          [reply to Grayden]

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