Quinace the Arbiter of Conflicts, Warmaster of the Halls
Quinace created on 24th of March 2022, and is currently 30 years old (208 hours played).

Title: the Arbiter of Conflicts, Warmaster of the Halls
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: halfling monk

Background history:

  1. Before the Beginning - posted at 2022-05-06 00:36:32
  2. A Beginning - posted at 2022-08-13 18:23:07
Before the Beginning
My beginning? That time comes soon. Not yet however. Born the fifth son of my mother and father, doomed to obscurity as a set of convenient hands to labor on behalf of a family that could only be compared to one which inhabits a rabbit warren. Given the unoriginal name of Quinace.... Enduring the teasing and obscurity. It was a normal life. A normal life in which I did not find fulfillment. How others found fulfillment in such a life escapes me. I broke free from the shackles of mediocrity almost by accident. A flash of anger, a fist connected, the spray of blood and the end of an arrogant jeer. Is it possible to become more than I am? That moment exploded in a glimmer of brilliance, bringing color to an otherwise gray life. First... More color. Then... More potential... And possibly a name? The beginning it comes soon.


A small child-sized figure is standing before you. A mop of unruly brown curls sits atop his round-shaped head, bearing a face that can only be described as grizzled. Scratchy patches of beard and long sideburns partially obscure a scar clefting his chin and another cross-shaped mark upon his cheek. An intense blue-eyed gaze rakes his surroundings from the single eye that is not covered by an inky black eyepatch. His wide mouth appears to be curved into a perpetual grin. Confidence rolls off him in waves, radiating from his being and makes him seem dangerous. His small frame bears the firm musculature of one who has dedicated himself to intense training. His bare hands and feet are unusually large for his diminuitive size and bear coarse matted hair that has been singed.

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