Rhoa the Executor of Valour, Sun's Embrace
Rhoa created on 05th of May 2020, and is currently 49 years old (516 hours played).

Title: the Executor of Valour, Sun's Embrace
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: human paladin

Background history:

  1. Rhoa and the Cross - posted at 2020-07-15 16:57:11
Rhoa and the Cross
Long ago, shortly after the mansion was over run by Vladimir and his undead subjects, a dedicated organization of Holy Warriors was formed. There main purpose was to dispose of all undead and keep their rise at bay. Their exact place of convening was only rumored to be in the hidden, lower sanctums of the Standing Fortress just east of the mansion. Wielding sword and faith, these young servants of the Light were blessed with abilities to combat the undead creatures. Tattooed on their forehead and going down the bridge of the nose was a cross, proudly showing all who they were. They were feared by the vampire, and respected by the living. As time passed, these Holy Warriors slowly faded into the past. None of quite certain as to what truly happened to them. Rumors ranged from the undead infiltrating the group and taking them apart one by one, to the lack of finding recruits and unable to strengthen their numbers. Whatever the case was, their existence seemed no more. Rhoa was notorious for venturing through the mansion, testing her strength against the vile creatures within. She would visit the nearby fortress, paying her respects to the King. She was wondering the path between the mansion and the fortress on a quiet, moonlit night when an elderly white robed man crossed her path and called out her name, "Rhoa". It was indeed startling at first, as she quickly braced herself in battle stance with weapon drawn. The old man said, "My name is Osiah, it's time we had a talk." She was a bit apprehensive at first, but began too quickly loosen up as she realized the man was extremely old, and posed no threat at all. He removed his hood and the moons light shines on his face. Rhoa then sees a cross tatooed on his forehead. So that was the beginning of many meetings between the two. Osiah lived within the fortress, an eternal guest of the King. He couldn't help but notice Rhoa at first, as he watched her frequent the area quite regularly, and eventually made a point to observe her. Rhoa learned all about what the cross on his forehead meant. Osiah, to his knowledge, was the last living Holy Warriors. Only in spirit and mind, though, as they have not been an organized group in a decade shy of a century. He remained at the standing fortress to live out his final years. Osiah thought he would go to his grave and memory of the ancient organization of vampire hunters die with him. But now he was convinced fate would not have that be the case. The will of the Light brough Rhoa to Osiah, or perhaps the other way around. For the first time in many, many decades, he truly believed he found somebody to keep the name of Holy Warriors alive. The tattoo of a cross was bestowed upon Rhoa.


Light shimmers off the slightly curly, small of the back-length blonde hair of this woman. Vibrant blue eyes glow gently, yet the look of determination is at the forefront. A slight wrinkle on her brow and subtle peer from her eyes shows a cognizance that is noteworthy, to some more than others. She has soft white skin that is inviting to the touch, though one would dare do so at the cost of repercussions. Her general frame is of an average human stature, though it is obvious she is not quite average at all. A slightly faded maroon coloured cross is tattoed on her forehead and extends down the bridge of the nose.

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