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Scerelaen created on 20th of April 2022, and is dead and gone (20 years old, 70 hours, 2 months lifetime)

Title: the Holy Matriarch of Healing, Footwoman of Valour
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: dwarf healer

Background history:

  1. Discipline - posted at 2022-04-26 00:53:59
The pain. The seemingly endless agony and punishments. That is what Scerlaen remembers most of her early life. Although her parents meant well, she mostly remembers the endless punishments, a feeling of not belonging, and never being enough. Her parents wanted her to respect religion, and so they sent her to a religious school within Valour with what money they had to spare. Her time at the school was unpleasant. Scerelaen was ridiculed by her pupils from the first day of school, and so she made no immediate friends. When the meals came around, she would eat as much as she could get, and gained weight as a result. She was already a little chubby when she entered the school, but when she came out several years later, she was clearly fat, even by dwarvish standards. She developed a fondness at one point for beer, which combined with a poorly balanced diet with consumption of vast amounts of food caused her to get even fatter once she left her parents for good and after leaving the school. She spent a year working as a barmaid for low pay because it meant she had free room and board. But eventually, she realized that she didn't have to let others control her fate, and she could potentially do other things with her life. The divine inspiration from her lessons at school eventually came to her one day when she walked through Valour again, and saw the temple to Ceridwel along the north thoroughfare of the city. She went there, paid her respects, and decided to pursue a different line of work; she signed up for the Academy, and selected the healer's guild as her focus.


Before you is a short and well-rounded looking lady. Her thick arms fold rather awkwardly at her sides, as she is so fat that many rolls are all over her body. While her arms don't look to be in particularly terrible shape, the rest of her body has an astounding level of adiposity. Her breasts are overfull, and big enough to cause a backache potentially. Her back is broad as are her shoulders, and at the lower end of her back the flesh turns inward for a handspan's width only to thrust out again. Thus her hindquarters and belly come to your attention. Her lower belly pushes outwards and becomes a disgustingly large and rounded beer gut. She is so fat that her thunderous thighs chafe one another as she walks, and make a sickening squelching noise when she moves. Also, her buttocks are rather large and globular. Beneath them a pair of stumpy legs thrust towards the ground, ending in short feet that hold up amazingly well. Finally, her auburn-red hair is in a lengthy hairstyle which parts at the bangs and flows freely near her shoulders and over her chest.

PK stats:

Kills: 2, Deaths: 0 (Ratio: 2:0, Efficiency: 100%)
Pinnacle Kills: 1, Pinnacle Deaths: 0 (Ratio: 1:0, Efficiency: 100%)

Kills by class:
shadow: 1, vampire: 1,
Killed by class:

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  1. Ashlyn [reply]
    1 , 0 , 0 .
    Why? Dwarf healer is the best.
      [reply to Ashlyn]
    1. That's disappointing, why the delete?
        [reply to Krask]
      1. I just wasn't feeling it with the character. I feel the Knights are doing just fine without me, and I shouldn't take up a spot in the roster if I'm not showing up more regularly. Therefore, it makes more sense to delete than keep the character around.

        Plus, I'm in the process of switching jobs, so this relieves some of the stress in my life knowing I no longer have to worry about this character.
        1. So many people make that excuse of taking up space on the roster like there is a limit. If you figure all the inactives, or people who only play 5-10 hours a month, I strongly doubt there was any concern about 'space on the roster'. Was hoping to spend more time rping with you, especially with how you obviously didn't like my character. Too bad, maybe next time.
        2. Davairus
          1 , 0 , 0 .
          The pendulum swings because of cabal headcounts which causes Keepers to go kill their new members. That means characters really are "taking up space". These are arbitrary limits imposed by the Keeper imm to encourage warfare
        3. Kalist19
          1 , 0 , 0 .
          Keeper says “Fun police here. Your cabal has too many members or you have too high of rating. We are going to attempt to gangbang you relentlessly now. If we succeed we will full loot/sac. Thank you for understanding. “

          Screlan fighting you and peemoo for a long time was a bit frustrating, especially when you guys went into each other’s cabals to help out. It was a good strategy to summon me to the aggro mob with invoker spamming spells. It might have worked if I had no recalls or was unlucky enough. The first time you did it I was like “oh damn that’s a good strategy, kudos”. The third time in a row you did while I was trying to make it out of the ford it I was like “hmmm this is turning into a bit of a situation…”.

          Good luck with the new job! Hope it’s awesome and your stress level goes down a bit.
        4. Peemo was the one calling the shots at that point; as you may recall, I was still a squire when fighting Skeggi. Technically, I had not yet been given orders to defend the Castle if it's intruded upon (and I was even given explicit orders to keep out and that I'd been told more about it when the time came by Ceridwel just after becoming a squire and being shown around Valour). The only reason I decided to even get involved in the first place was because of your past history with Ilromie and figuring a cannibal who eats a Noble twice is as good as anathema for practical purposes (which means numbers are okay to use).

          Nonetheless, you're right about the fact that cabals should not be going into each other's sacred grounds even when assisting one another. I'm not denying that since it's sometimes been an issue in the past and it should be called out when it happens for behaving inappropriately.
        [reply to Scerelaen]
      2. All my friends are dead, push me to the edge.

        Thank you for sharing Scerelean with us for as long as you could! Hope the new job is great! See ya on your next one!
          [reply to Peemo]
        1. Stiehl26 [reply]
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          It was my understanding that there are no reasons to have any non cabal member on another’s sacred grounds. If they stay, regardless of intentions, they are to be forcibly removed.
          1. Kalist19
            1 , 0 , 0 .
            It was frustrating to see them invite each other into their cabals but I didn’t complain because I wasn’t sure if that was a new thing or not. I’m also not afraid of a challenge (didn’t complain a single time about the keeper 1v2 while playing bc Skeggi probably deserved it). Also it was a 2v2 at that time and I was trying to turn it into a 2v1 in our favour (after fighting 1v2 for an hour or so).

            In my mind I was like “ok knight asking keeper into their cabal to help 1v2, sure maybe that makes sense”. Then I was like “it wouldn’t make sense for a keeper to ask a knight in to help them in a 1v2 situation so let’s invade on peemo”. Unfortunately I was wrong and unfortunately Iliandra paid the price (sorry again about that).

            Would be nice to know for real if this is a thing that is allowed or not for future reference.
          [reply to Stiehl26]

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