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Svesdozelt created on 25th of May 2020, and is dead and gone (26 years old, 38 hours, 1 year lifetime)

Title: the Ruler of the Dead
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: illithid necromancer

Background history:

  1. The Beginning - posted at 2020-06-02 05:25:04
The Beginning
Svesdozelt came into existence as any other illithid. He hatched from an egg and began life as a tadpole. He mercilessly devoured other tadpoles and nimbly evaded the elder brain. The process of ceremorphosis was normal - upon maturity as a tadpole he was implanted into the brain of a human captive. One thing that was atypical, however, was the training and knowledge of the victim. This was no mere human slave - this human had once been a great necromancer of notable power. The process of ceremorphosis resulted in Svesdozelt acquiring an innate, though incomplete, knowledge of the dark \arts. He was not free to pursue necromancy or expand his knowledge on the subject, since he was merely a member of the colony and under complete control of the elder brain. A number of years after ceremorphosis, Svesdozelt was selected as one of three members to form an inquisition and be sent forth from the colony by the elder brain to investigate a nearby threat. The elder brain had learned of a presence of a drow coven that were attempting to settle in a nearby tunnel network. Svesdozelt and his companions obediently set forth on their task. As they moved further from the colony, Svesdozelt noticed something fascinating. The further they moved, the less he was able to feel the presence of the others and the elder brain. Eventually the presence faded completely and he was able to think freely, for the first time in his life. His two companions displayed agitation and a desire to complete the task and return as expediently as possible. Svesdozelt, however, relished his new found freedom of thought and will. Complete the task and return as expediently as possible. Svesdozelt, however, relished his new found freedom of thought and will. Complete the task and return as expediently as possible. Svesdozelt, however, relished his new found freedom of thought and will. Able to overpower the undead. Svesdozelt was able to strategically maneuver his thralls so that two fine specimens survived the battle. All other thralls had perished. The drow were much easier to deal with for the illithids. Twelve drow necromancers of varying abilities were easily overpowered. They had foolishly closed ranks, making themselves more susceptible to a barrage of mind blasts. Once incapacitated, the drow were bound and gagged. As Svesdozelt's companions stood facing the captured drow, he positioned his thralls behind them. Without warning he bid his minions to decapitate his allies. Two illithid heads hit the ground with a sick 'thunk'. The desire for the inquisition to return to the colony died with them. Svesdozelt was in an opportune position to set off on his own, however, his problems were twofold. Firstly, the colony would not accept this act of will without recourse. An inquisition would surely be sent to retrieve him. Secondly, he could not sustain and transport his twelve captives alone and with his two minions. He could enthrall several of the others but it would still be a difficult task. He decided, instead, to enthrall two and devour the brains of the remaining ten. He feasted in an orgy of neurons, cerebral spinal fluid, and blood. With the consumption of each brain, his understanding of necromancy grew stronger. Without ever having studied a tome, he had acquired the ability to cast a number of rudimentary spells. He decided that he would ascend to the surface world and begin to study necromancy in earnest. He chose the surface because he knew the inquisition sent by the colony would be unlikely to follow. He also knew that his studies would require a notable degree of investigation and travel, as practitioners of necromancy were often outcasts of societies. With his plans set, he and his thralls began their journey.


Standing at a height of roughly six feet is what appears to be an illithid. More than a cursory glance would reveal that there is something odd about this creature. Unlike other illithids, it's purple flesh appears neither moist nor slimy. It appears completely bereft of moisture. It is dried and wrinkled, with small pieces beginning to flake off. With a bulbous head, pure black eyes, and long writhing tentacles where a mouth would be, it otherwise looks like an illithid. It gives off a stench of death and decay. There is a tingling in the air surrounding this creature. Whether it is a malevolent force is yet to be seen.

PK stats:

Kills: 2, Deaths: 2 (Ratio: 1, Efficiency: 50%)
Pinnacle Kills: 2, Pinnacle Deaths: 0 (Ratio: 2:0, Efficiency: 100%)

Kills by class:
bard: 1, invoker: 1,
Killed by class:
illusionist: 1, warrior: 1,

Logs mentioning Svesdozelt:


  1. Ozaru [reply]
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    Claim him claim him claim him!!!
    1. Davairus
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      sometimes i just wish i could trip you when you walk into the logboard
      straight face first plunge
    2. Ceridwel
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      Like this?
    3. Ozaru
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      Why? Don't we deserve to know which exalted player is knowingly breaking the rules? This wasn't a lapse in judgement it was calculated to ruin Tearea. What if Tearea rage deleted over this? All that hard work gone because 2 gonzos decided to team up ooc and try and ruin someones character. Why are you protecting them, Drain the swamp !

      Wouldn't it make sense for the exalted player to say you know what I'm pretty bad ass, I am going to show everyone by taking down Tearea myself.
    4. Ozaru
      0 , 0 , 0 .
      Not to mention they were given a special character as a reward, shouldn't this transgression mean they lose that status?
    5. It had nothing to do with Tearea and everything to do with logging on someone to fight the Friday goodie surge players. I had thought that they would have a bit of fun getting their hands bloody for a change. I expected that this could very easily be a 2v4 (usually at least 4 goods on per Friday). Necromancer and Inkomo were on long before Tearea. If they wanted to they easily could have formed a 5 on 2 and we would have given it our all and been completely happy if we were killed and full looted. That would have been more fighting than a Friday has seen in months. Nothing was looted from anybody that died. Consequences were severe.
    6. Ozaru
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      whois dwiggans - travelled a lot = new player
      whois heathcote - travelled a lot= new player

      exalted alhoon + zerker = should know better
    7. There was no one there in that list of people you mentioned who would have created such an imbalanced group fight scenario as you are describing. The newer players were not going to do it. Those scholars were not going to do it. A warlord whose whole purpose in life is honorable combat was certainly not going to do it. We were not traveling together when attacked. At the most you would have gotten a 3v2 from coming back to kill the new players again, because I went to watch over them after I realized they’d been killed. In that case I would have just attempted to get them out of danger if you tried again, because that is how Serra thinks. We were not going to go on some crazy offensive.
    8. Whois Dwiggans = unlocked many secrets thank you very much!
    9. OOC trash bullshit is just what it is, bullshit. The crappy thing about deleting is now you will never know if you could have beaten me alone. Without the berserker i'm running off the spells and coming back to kill you. Since I'm still around im going to go ahead and say it would result in a lot of recalling and a draw or you stand your ground and die.
    10. BlackWidow
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      I would think that chanting for somebody to claim a character would have the opposite effect of getting them to claim it.
    11. Davairus
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      why is because you hold grudges forever and there
      needs to be a path of redemption otherwise we just drive people off ozaru. you do not deserve to know who is playing character and quite frankly its best private from everyone from top to
      bottom if youre gonna hold a grudge
    12. Mikoos
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      This thread makes me think we should spent some ad revenue for an on call therapist.
    13. Ashlyn
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      Show me on the doll where the minotaur touched you.
    14. Ceridwel
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      Sexual abuse is nothing to laugh about but fuck Ashlyn that made me lol irl
    15. twerpalina
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      That's bestiality
    16. Ozaru
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      Ive only really held one grudge for ever and thats ceridwel and knights
    17. Why?
    18. Ozaru
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      because he has thrown my use of shell characters in my face numerous times on the log board, forum and graveyard. Dav does it too which is why im always advocating for treating people fairly but those two will protect those who "deserve" it but bring up my past all the time.
    19. Davairus
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      Unlike you ozaru, there is actually a ton evidence that proves what you did. Remember when I took Warlords, and you tried to spam in monks with the same desc until I started rejecting your applications the second you posted them? Yeah, I brought up your past DESCRIPTIONS. You were pumping defective monks out so fast they might as well had made in china tattooed on them.
    20. Oz, you know if you just played the game and stopped creating drama and frustration for people you wouldn't keep getting that thrown in your face? It took me a long time to get passed that myself, but I assure you it can be done.
    21. BlackWidow
      1 , 0 , 0 .
      Ozaru, I don't really care too much about your past. I've seen you churn out some good characters (again, Edebayo was a great character imo, and I feel you really played the lawful evil alignment well as Chul to the point where the only other characters who are as memorable at acting the alignment were pip's; hell, Chul seemed to me like he could've easily been an archvillain type if AR had superheroes)...

      But, and this is a big but, you seem to take everything too personally. Remember AR is just a game... If you're not enjoying it, just take a break, man. It's not worth getting all worked up over.
    22. Ashlyn
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      Oz, you bring up your past more than anyone else. I think if you stopped doing that it wouldn't come up nearly as much. Just live in the present.
    23. Mikoos
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      Here is how to make Oz a better player. You don’t. If you want to have a shot at altering his play style. Don’t feed him, but here is the thing. We all enjoy it. So we’re going to be stuck in the land of Oz for a long time.
    24. twerpalina
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      every discussion eventually turns into discussing Ozaru, wtf
    25. Stiehl26
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    [reply to Ozaru]
  2. Moo.
      [reply to Inkomo]
    1. Grayden [reply]
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      Tell me about Time Warp.

      *sits with pen and notepad.*

      Seriously you use this at all? I cannot create an alhoon, but interesting you got a gravestone (being a Lich and all).
        [reply to Grayden]
      1. twerpalina [reply]
        2 , 0 , 1 .
        While I understand and highly approve people playing the opposite side of the usual friday stack, OOC ganking people is not the way. Could play an evil regularly and have friday surge as your hayday.
          [reply to twerpalina]

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