Tearea the Red Lotus, Standard Bearer of Warlords
Tearea created on 31st of May 2021, and is currently 33 years old (282 hours played).

Title: the Red Lotus, Standard Bearer of Warlords
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: human monk

Background history:

  1. Excerpts from a Matron's journal - posted at 2021-06-05 01:10:09
Excerpts from a Matron's journal
Tearea, dear Tearea. I wonder if she will ever forgive my stringency and harsh discipline. It truly was for the best. She has grown from a solemn quiet child into a strong self-assured woman. A bit tomboyish for my liking, but she is whip smart and has an inner power that will allow her to overcome the obstacles this life will throw at her. I will one day have to beg her for forgiveness for keeping the secret of her true lineage from her. Not a dark secret certainly, but one that cannot become public knowledge lest the scandal of it ruin me..... And him. As the Mother Superior of this convent I find a pure joy in hearing her call me mother, for I am also her mother in truth. I must hide my love for her deep within, and it does wrankle that I must treat her strictly. I am envious of her father, the best of men. He dotes on her as as master dotes on the finest apprentice and favors her accordingly. He is in fact the Grandmaster of the neighboring monastery and has been teaching her as his exceptional student. A moment of weakness I had, swayed by his honeyed words and impressed by his prowess and handsome visage. In secret our child was birthed and we have raised her as an orphan. I will pray that one day she will forgive me....


A tall and slender woman is here before you. She is cloaked in cascading waves of shimmering brown hair covering half of her face and giving her a shy appearance. Her uncovered eye is a pure and limpid shade of blue, the same blue of a clear afternoon sky. Her wandering gaze indicates an awareness of what is around her and her expression is one of equanimity. Her fair skin is pale despite the amount of it being exposed at her shoulders and thighs by her tight form-fitting clothing, apparently designed to allow a maximum freedom of movement. Her movements are resemblant of the flowing of water, her lithe muscles tightening almost imperceptibly with each dainty step. Tucked behind an ear and threaded through strands of her hair is a single red tulip.

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