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Tsov created on 03rd of March 2022, and is dead and gone (25 years old, 137 hours, 5 months lifetime)

Title: the Wrath of Nature
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: werebeast ranger

Background history:

  1. Nature vs. Nurture: A Werebeast Tale - posted at 2022-03-04 01:10:33
Nature vs. Nurture: A Werebeast Tale
Born in a small village north of Vorthyn mountain, Tsov was born out of wedlock. The result of passion and lust that was shunned by the small townsfolk. His father was the werebeast that lurked in the dense forest, killing livestock and scaring villagers that strayed too far from the paths. His father had never once killed any of the villagers and thus they had only halfheartedly attempted to remove him as a threat. The secret of Tsov's lineage was not well kept and everyone knew he would someday become a beast like his father. But this village was not as you would expect, they did not cast him out or even worse kill him as a baby. They instead groomed him, taught him, trained him to be a protector and leader. He learned how to read and write, and when the books in the village library had all been read, they sent for more. Books on history and philosophy were loaned from the elves and consumed voraciously by Tsov, who was an avid reader. When he was just fourteen years old he ventured into the woods on a self imposed peacekeeping mission to speak with his father. This did not go to plan. His father, while not murderously hostile, did not spend much time thinking or talking. He instead roared at his son's words and raged at his reasoning. The boy was quickly scared away, confused and dismayed, back to the village. Tsov was shaken by the brutality and scared of the prospect of becoming like his beast of a father. So he redoubled his efforts into combat training and wilderness survival. He learned everything he could from the master trappers and old warriors, the best the town could offer. With this new knowledge, Tsov again set off into the forest, determined to speak with his father. Tsov walked through the forest in a straight line, directly towards the cave of the beast. His head spinning with thoughts of strategy and logic, plans upon plans. When he arrived his father was in human form, draped in untanned skins and stinking of rot. Tsov first asked that they might sit and talk, a meeting of men. Never one for words the beast roared and attacked, claws extending from his hands. Tsov stayed calm, defensively swatting aside these attacks from his angry, but unenthusiastic opponent. He parried weak blows until the beast backed off and snarled. Slowly something other then anger crept into his father's eyes. Tsov proceeded with his plan, to explain the problems, and lay out a resolution. He explained how killing the villagers sheep was seen as an attack on the village itself, how terrorizing travelers on the road was keeping traders away from the isolated village. He then asked his father for a pact, a binding agreement to stop these attacks and never again threaten a human. While he talked the beast slowly reverted back, listening to his words. When Tsov stopped speaking a long period of silence set in, only broken when his father stood up and nodded, while turning to walk away. Since then the sheep have been unharried and more and more traders have arrived in the village. Tsov began to feel stifled by the remoteness and tranquility of his hometown. It wasn't long before he decided to leave and bring his skills in combat and negotiation to places that need his help.


A lean, muscular human of average height stands before you. His white hair is short and dense, combed back it lays down neatly. The very tip of each strand of hair is dark grey, almost black. He has a close cropped beard of the same color, covering almost his entire face and neck. Over-sized canine teeth extend slightly past his lips, shining bright white. His arms and legs also show signs of a thick pelt of hair.

PK stats:

Kills: 1, Deaths: 6 (Ratio: 0.2, Efficiency: 14%)
Pinnacle Kills: 1, Pinnacle Deaths: 3 (Ratio: 0.3, Efficiency: 25%)

Kills by class:
dark-knight: 1,
Killed by class:
berserker: 2,

Nemesis: Gwur


  1. This was disappointing I made Tiram to be with you and u just go inactive after 135 very active hours
    1. Ya. I agree, I was hoping for much more and think we could have had alot of fun. Sadly my amount of free time dried up to zero. Three of the five 50's that went inactive were me. I do hope to return this fall and winter.
    [reply to Tiram]

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