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Vanisse created on 13th of June 2012, and is dead and gone (634 years old, 11672 hours, 10 years lifetime)

Title: the Myth Weaver, Mirage of Fortune
Gender: Female
Level: 60
Class: pixie psionicist

Background history:

  1. Mortal Days - posted at 2016-08-06 07:36:10
  2. test - posted at 2021-10-24 20:46:46
Mortal Days
Vanisse was orphaned at birth, and knew nothing of her biological family. Left swaddled on the doorstep of the bard guild of Timaran, she learned to sing before she learned to speak. Music and lyrical poems were the way she connected to the world as a child, learning the history of Serin from ballads and folksongs. Naturally, these pieces took many liberties with the kernels of true stories buried within. So she grew up with a bit of a fanciful eye of the world around her. As she grew older, she ventured to the next great city, a smaller but more densely populated one to the west, home of the great Mocker's Tavern. It was there that she read her first issues of the Serin Mystique, and tried her hand at penning her own stories. The delight she found from creating such fantasies on paper led her to seek a position within the halls of the Heralds. Many years of storytelling and storygathering later, Vanisse worked her way to the position of High Herald. She held the title for some time under the guidance of Torkalen, whose fondness of goats made a great impression upon her. Later, when an unseen Immortal raised her to immortality, she remembered the Observer's goats with great nostalgia and had one installed in the Traveller's Rest for posterity. When the Rest was moved from Timaran to the Holy Grove, she gifted the goat to the next inhabitants of the old space. To this day, the squashy goat can be found in the Ivory Towers, a small reminder of old. Following her ascension to the heavens, Vanisse continued to lead and inspire generations of Heralds.


You shield your eyes as you look at this being, curiously shrouded in warm golden light. At the center of the glow is a slender feminine figure, clad in form-fitting black material. She has sharp eyes that shift color from azure to turquoise, eyes that observe you with unflinching openness. The rest of her figure fades in and out of your vision as the glow pulsates around her, but you remember her eyes. You are struck by the feeling of being in her presence, as if you are being embraced by the sun on a summer afternoon.

PK stats:

Kills: 0, Deaths: 17 (Ratio: 0, Efficiency: 0%)
Pinnacle Kills: 17, Pinnacle Deaths: 0 (Ratio: 17:0, Efficiency: 100%)

Kills by class:
illusionist: 3, warrior: 30, ranger: 1, shaman: 1, thief: 1, berserker: 1, necromancer: 1, druid: 2,
Killed by class:


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  1. Xenyar [reply]
    1 , 0 , 0 .
    Vanisse, you were nothing but great. Your characters always had top notch RP. It was a pleasure playing AR with you. I fear this is your final straw, but I hope it isn't.
      [reply to Xenyar]
    1. Mogu [reply]
      0 , 0 , 0 .
      Wow. Hope this is a hiatus and not permanent. Either way your impact on AR was massive. RIP, Myth Weaver!
        [reply to Mogu]
      1. Stiehl26 [reply]
        0 , 0 , 1 .
        Sigh. Very sorry to see this.
          [reply to Stiehl26]
        1. Drat. And we had just met each other in person at long last! Perhaps my destiny is to craft a Myth of you rather than with you... for a true Myth you are. I've heard your names and read your works for as long as I've walked Serin. Hopefully, I'll collaborate with you under another guise. But if not, you'll remain forever regardless and I'll do my best to grow your legend as dedicant of Myth. So long and thanks for all the meatballs!
            [reply to Trillian]
          1. varliv [reply]
            0 , 0 , 0 .
            You already know for we have spoken before multiple times. Hopefully this is not forever, if so take care and hope the best for you. You will be missed.
              [reply to varliv]
            1. Ashlyn [reply]
              0 , 0 , 0 .
              My heart breaks. You are the best, truly. Love you.
                [reply to Ashlyn]
              1. twerpalina [reply]
                0 , 0 , 2 .
                pretty nice pk ratio tho
                  [reply to twerpalina]
                1. Andrael [reply]
                  1 , 0 , 0 .
                  I'll miss you Granny Vanisse.

                  From all the Heralds I played :')
                    [reply to Andrael]
                  1. Davairus [reply]
                    2 , 0 , 0 .
                    This is a bummer, it has been a cherished friendship for me and that friendship a large reason for why I had kept AR in my life.. including through my darkest times. Inevitably, this is the kind of thing where you'll just grow less inclined to let people get close, because you don't want to go through the pain of that loss again. It sucks. When someone deletes an imm, its not an AR character that you can just go roll another one, it is cutting out a huge part of your heart. I suggest if you guys are friends with Vanisse that you reach out and give her support.
                      [reply to Davairus]
                    1. Xerties [reply]
                      1 , 0 , 0 .
                      This is heartbreaking. I've always had the utmost respect and affection for you, Vanisse. Your innumerable contributions to the game and the community cannot be overstated. Personally, I took solace in your presence as a steadying hand on some of the more bombastic personalities we have around here. I've also thoroughly enjoyed all of our IC interactions over all the characters over the years. Any way you slice it, I'll miss you.

                      I wish you nothing but the best in all aspects of your life. I look forward to when our paths cross again.
                        [reply to Xerties]
                      1. beia [reply]
                        2 , 0 , 0 .
                        Alas all good things come to an end.

                        You were as inspirational as you were clever. Thank you for all the time you gave us and all the hard work you put in so that we could enjoy this game. Thank you for your patience and genuine compassion when it came to dealing with disgruntled players, such as myself from time to time. I wish you the best in all regards.

                          [reply to beia]
                        1. Esivole [reply]
                          0 , 0 , 0 .
                          Vanisse was the shining light for me for a long time in AR. This hurts, but I understand and respect Vanisse for it.
                            [reply to Esivole]
                          1. Kalist19 [reply]
                            2 , 0 , 0 .
                            Thank you for the years that you’ve dedicated to this game and to this community. You are amazing Vanisse. We are all lucky to have been able to interact with you and reap the fruits of your labour. I hope that you are ok and all is well.
                              [reply to Kalist19]
                            1. BlackWidow [reply]
                              3 , 0 , 0 .
                              At different times, Vanisse felt to me like a superior, an elder cousin or sister, and a teacher. I don't know how many times she fixed and marked off each entry in the huge ticket roll of bug and typo reports I generated, but it was easily in the hundreds. She was generally patient, though I know some people pushed her buttons a few times (including me).

                              She helped me become a better person, and it would be unfair to not thank her for everything. Before I ramble, let me simply say: Thanks for everything, Vanisse.
                                [reply to BlackWidow]
                              1. Mikoos [reply]
                                5 , 0 , 0 .
                                I tattooed her name to my arm. Top that people.
                                  [reply to Mikoos]
                                1. jaux [reply]
                                  0 , 0 , 0 .
                                  Van - Thank you for all the hard work and dedication that you have put into this game over the years. You have made this game a better place to be and you sure will be missed. I wish you the best and hope that you are ok.
                                    [reply to jaux]
                                  1. Phostan [reply]
                                    5 , 0 , 0 .
                                    We all really hope this is just goodbye for now, not goodbye forever. Always the person who put enhancing the game experience for others above all else, which I don't think a single one of the rest of us ass-backwards pheasants will ever accomplish in entirety.
                                      [reply to Phostan]

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