Zakzaer the Holy Shaman
Zakzaer created on 25th of April 2020, and is currently 26 years old (159 hours played).

Title: the Holy Shaman
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: drow shaman

Background history:

  1. Severed Royalty - posted at 2020-04-28 11:55:58
Severed Royalty
The Unlit City was the only home I knew. I grew up in the palace, far from the line of succession. Alas, I was still a prince, albeit we were not favoured by the Matriarch for being male. Fortunately, I did have one sister that took a liking to me. She would often let me read her books on the dark arts and advanced spellbinding. She also taught me the ways of religion, and how to invoke the powers of prayers through concentration. One day, one of the other older princesses found us practicing from one of the ancient books, and my mother was informed. Princes were disallowed from studying the dark arts, and anyone caught faced dire consequences. My father tried to stand up for me, but she never liked me. My mother banished me from the house to never return. My sister plead and cried all night to my mother, but to no avail. We spent one last night together, as she managed to steal the oldest book for me to keep. Fist clenched, with tears rolling from my eyes, I left the house with a robe, a staff and the gifted book from my sister that night. I traveled far from the Unlit City into unknown territories. It was a rough start, I stumbled into a river at a nearby bridge and had to fight off some deathly illithids who were craving for a large brain. Luckily, the book my sister gave me came of use and that is where I started to focus all my energy...


Long white shimmering hair flow down a strikingly handsome face. You notice pointy ears poking out from the sides, with a golden earring on the right. His eyes glow a dull blue, and his slightly hooked nose point toward pursed lips. HIs stature is lanky, and his shoulders are narrow, yet his arms appear somewhat muscular. You can see a channel of blue veins running down his forearm, with a few old scars on his right hand. His torso and abdomen are flat, and his long legs appear very agile. You feel an uneasy presence being near this creature for too long. There appears to be a small trinket in the form of an inverted cross peaking out from his robes.

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