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Zatoke created on 10th of October 2022, and is dead and gone (25 years old, 73 hours, 12 months lifetime)

Title: the Sage of Arcane Power
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: avian invoker

Background history:

  1. The Tower - posted at 2022-10-21 00:31:48
The Tower
The story of Zatoke is a rather simple one. Born in the town of Liberty, it was discovered at an early age that he had a talent for magic. With that said, he was sent to the Tower of Sorcery, to go to school. When he got there, his whole world changed. The wonders of magic were limitless, but he was not allowed to learn the magic he wished. He had to go through the steps, and the politics, just like everyone else. It turned out to be not what he expected. While he excelled at the lessons, the cruelty involved with the teachings, the backstabbing, and even the disappearances were unnerving. With all that, he was determined to progress, and so he learned everything they would teach. One day, he allowed himself to be brought into a plot, to break into the secret libraries. The place where he could gain true power, it was too tempting not to try. Things were going quite well, when they went successfully through the various trials to reach them, and finally they were before the door. Little did they know the final door was the real trap, and not the real entrance to the library. Upon opening, they stepped through the door, only to find themselves in someplace else. Surrounded by blackness, the sounds of the screams of his companions, and the tangy smell of blood on the air. Spells were cast, and in moments he saw nothing. When he came to, he was in another place. He couldn't feel his body, but found he wasn't dead. He only had a choice to make. Choice made, he jerked awake, only to find himself in his bed back in the tower. Rising, he dressed himself, and left not to return.


Pale storm gray eyes meet your gaze the turmoil within striking a chord within you. The intensity of his gaze is borderline psychotic. When finally, you take in the rest of him, what stands before you is quite surprising. Pale blond hair is cut almost militantly short with a single lock hanging over his smooth face. His arms while skinny still appear hardened from work, dark colored veins visible beneath his skin. Large feathered wings extend from his back, a charcoal black, dusted with just the smallest bit of white. His wings, seem slightly over-large for a humanoid figure of his size, like they are far more than necessary to carry him.

PK stats:

Kills: 17, Deaths: 7 (Ratio: 2.4, Efficiency: 70%)
Pinnacle Kills: 13, Pinnacle Deaths: 5 (Ratio: 2.6, Efficiency: 72%)

Kills by class:
paladin: 2, thief: 1, dark-knight: 1, warrior: 4, bard: 2, monk: 1, ranger: 4, illusionist: 2,
Killed by class:
berserker: 2, paladin: 2, warrior: 1, vampire: 1,

Nemesis: Savanti

Logs mentioning Zatoke:
Tags: #legion


  1. Grayden [reply]
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    But why?
    1. Dogran
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      Bored with invoker. Can't make up my mind on what I want to do. I have a new project I'm working on now, and my own rules say that to he in legion you can only have one cabal character.

      Regardless, I had lots of fun with the character, but was having trouble motivating myself to log into the character.
    2. Grayden
      0 , 0 , 0 .
      This was a scary invoker in my opinion, well played.
    [reply to Grayden]
  2. Zatoke crushed me pretty at every encounter. I still don’t have a handle on how to counter an invoker really!
    1. two strong magic weapons + two strong physical weapons = how you beat an invoker. Having at least one axe as a physical weapon makes a difference because they generally wear shields. Use aliases to swap from magical to physical and vice versa so you don't waste time in combat. Skirmishing is your friend. If you want to get fancy, get a pair of heavily enchanted icicles and/or fiery daggers to deal with the ice/fire shields. If they enter barrier their shield state becomes fixed.

      Just off the top of my head...
    2. Xenyar
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      As a ranger, two of your strengths get minimized by an invoker. Bow and pets. Bow is useless, and pets get destroyed in storms. Get a ton of purples, give to pets and order to quaff before engaging. While you have pets the invoker will likely barrier for physical be sure to have strong magic dual wield(as mentioned above) or a heavy hitting magic two-hander ready to go.
      Dirt kick and try to get a couple rounds of blinded fighting on them.
      If they stick with storms, fight near mobs. Even if it's a place where they are lower level, but don't die emerald/drkshtyre(also great terrains for your high dex dirt kicks). They may not hurt the invoker much, but can certainly slow them down and hold them up if they get too many chasing after them, making it easier to get murders in this way.
      When you both get low HP, getting lucky with the magic/physical weapon vs barrier/mana shield swap is crucial.

      Or make a dwarf or jotun for magical resistance.
    3. Davairus
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      Actually rangers could be given an insect swarm skill specifically to deal with shield casters. You would throw down an insect swarm on somebody and it would quickly take out their shield, and prevent gaining shield. I imagine it would go down like a buncha fireflies getting zapped on you like running into a UV light at a seedy food store. maybe throw in a little concentration penalty from itching, so it has a little other utility, but countering the shield would be the main point. this would extend to barrier and mana shield also.
    4. Scrynor
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      Would it also help you pop a shaman head?
    5. Davairus
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      I don't think so. If anything those heads are going to already have flies all around them, probably provides some sort of defensive cover.
    [reply to Savanti]
  3. Moo.
      [reply to Inkomo]
    1. i had a blast fighting you and hauhnor at the same time

      that was a lot of fun

      bird anatomy was 0 at that time....oops....
      1. Dogran
        1 , 0 , 0 .
        I actually logged on to delete and saw everyone on and was like oooooo, imma fight first. I went for the vampire for rp reasons, and then you deathmarked and attacked me... at that point I was like the enemy of my enemy is my friend?
      2. nice to get one last bit of battle in before pulling the trigger
      3. Dogran
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        For sure. It was a pleasant two hours.
      [reply to Xhao]

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