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Some radical ideas...

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Joined: 04 Jan 2020
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 07, 2020 3:21 pm    Post subject: Some radical ideas...

Ok, please, before jumping to conclusions or making judgements, hear me out:

1) Re-vamp the whole stat system for races. Instead of getting limited "starting" stats and maxing everything else out as you gain, how about getting a stat pool that will allow you to raise stats as high as the race's cap goes, BUT giving a limited number of points meaning you have to compensate on other aspects.

For an example, Humans are 20 20 20 20 20 except for the +1 for class choice.

This literally means every human is the same, just meh, average.

I don't think any of us irl have 20 str 20 dex 20 int 20 wis etc.

How about you'd be able to choose from a stat pool to focus on getting higher str or maybe higher int, depending on your career choice but having to sacrifice some other stats in order to get specific stats higher.

Let's say you want to make a caster, you opt to go for something like Str 9 int 20 wis 20 dex 10 con 15 or maybe a battle-caster, Str 18 Int 18 Wis 15 Dex 13 Con 15 etc.

Depending on how high you go on certain stat (to max it) the more points it would cost. But because races have bonuses to certain stats, it would be cheaper to get 23 Str on Fire Giant than 20 Str on Human for an example.

A very good example is here:

Just try to make some stats based on a race and see how it works please.

It's proven to be a very effective system to add repeatability to the game and some unique flavor.

Another thing is to make some skills/movements more stat based. For an example, why not base FLEE success rate on Dex and encumberment?

So that Dex would directly affect how successful your fleeing is but Str would indirectly affect it too depending how heavy you plan to be etc.

Which leads me to PART 2:

Perhaps a more lose, classless system to develop characters?

My personal issue with coming back to AR is looking over the classes and being unable to choose what to play because it feels like "been there done that". And if there's some changes, even big ones, the initial hype dies down quickly because like in WoW - basically everyone is playing the same template and there's nothing really unique to experience.

Let's say the archetypes would remain the same, hell, even the skills/spells that already exist are totally fine to keep the same.

BUT, you'd start with 4 different guilds that allow you to practice:

Mage, Cleric, Rogue, Warrior

The more you practice in a certain guild, the more "specializations" it unlocks. You can practice in several guilds too, but that would limit your specializations of other guilds.

For an example, you'd choose to train some warrior stuff and then head to train some cleric stuff - you'd become a paladin. But how deep into either warrior or cleric you go, becomes your type of paladin (which we got specializations for now).

Mage/Rogue/Cleric could be a thing, but the more you mix and match and the more jack of all trades you are, the less specialization you can access, means you can be pretty mediocre.

Some more advanced skills require more investment at the guild etc and you only have limited practice sessions, so you'd have to choose which guild to spend most of your practices at and which toolset to take.

For an example, you'd become a Human Mage/Rogue, effectively a current Shadow with flavor decided by you:

Human: Str 15 Int 18 Wis 13 Dex 20 Con 14

Mage guild:
Lightning Bolt (higher nuke spells require more guild dedication)
Detect Invis
Infravision (to help hide/sneak without lightsource)

Rogue guild:
Pick Lock
Quick Wield
etc etc you "more basic rogue skills shared among classes already"
And because you specialize deep into rogue, you are offered "special" ability that you can choose only as 1, as your signature move depending where your class focus is:
Assassinate/Backstab/Steal or something along these lines.
Or maybe you want to make a bard so you take some other choices of base skills which lead you to Bardic songs. etc

And to finish it off

Warrior Guild:
Enhanced Damage
dual wield
2nd attack
3rd attack (4th attack locked deep into warrior tree)
(You could also learn bash, but you made a low str high dex char, so you are better off with trip from rogue guild!)

This is just a very rough example, but I think you get the idea.

A lot of experimenting, and unpredictable characters could be created and encountered.

Unlike, ok this is a Drow DK i know exactly what he is doing and what stats he has etc before you even get to fight it.

Surely it's a huge undertaking, but with such skilled coders like in Ar this should not be hard to implement!

Because just making new classes/revamping old ones etc will eventually take up more time this in the first place.

Just some food for thought, I'd definitely be spending my rest of the life trying to make the most interesting characters I can find!
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