[JUSTICE] Gulgru the Battlemaster
Gulgru created on 02nd of March 2024, and is currently 27 years old (181 hours played).

Title: the Battlemaster
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: duergar warrior

Background history:


The rotund, bull-necked beastly man is here with an angry furrowed brow. As you gaze down, the first thing you see are maggots squirming in and out of open wounds from the top of his scalp. The scent of sulfur and almonds escapes every orrifice of him. You see four stubby appendages with dirt and grit under each fingernail. His feet are caked with mud and dirt with cracked and missing toenails. His mouth is open with spiders crawling in and out of an open wound in his cheek. Yellowed teeth that are smooth and round from years of grinding them down to a nub. He has a large and flat nose with a gold ring through his left nostril.

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