Zyron the Grand Master of Seasons
Zyron created on 20th of November 2022, and is currently 35 years old (202 hours played).

Title: the Grand Master of Seasons
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: human monk

Background history:

  1. The Form of Anger - posted at 2023-06-25 12:55:18
The Form of Anger
For all his life, Zyron has been vessel to an anger without form. Abandoned as a youth on the streets of Seringale, the monks of the Monastery took him in out of 'kindness'. The beatings, the starvation, the forced silence, were all meant to teach the boy discipline, to gain mastery over his mind, body and soul. The monks took note of Zyron's bursts of anger and aggression, of how he would need to be pried off of his sparring partners before he had beaten every last drop of blood from their body. But for too long, the old monks of the monastery believed that they could tame the boy's wrath and bring his ki into alignment with his true self. Zyron was a young man upon his prime before the monks realized it was too late. In his final test upon recognition as a martial monk, Zyron was tasked with defending himself against a score of men. He showed no restraint, spilling the life blood of each his victim's in turn, reveling in each of their passings with a cold fury. Five of the men fell dead, and another ten were gravely injured before the grandmasters themselves stepped in to restrain Zyron. Knowing he was beyond their aid, they banished him to a dungeon from which none escape - Tyr Unguld, in the Marshes west of Seringale. None report on what happened to Zyron within the confines of that fortress. But in only three years, he emerged from its depths with something new... A zeal for the blood of his enemies, an aimless anger at the world around him, now given form.


Intense and bearing a brooding disposition, the man you see before you appears to have endured a lifetime of hardship. He carries a stocky, muscular frame, standing at just over six feet tall. The light armor and hides he wears does little to conceal numerous jagged scars stretched taut over bulging muscles. His hands are cracked and caloused, like the surface of an ancient stone tempered by the elements over millennia. His bald head is covered in sweat, dirt, and the faded-black remnants of tattoos in an ancient cuneiform. The skeletal structure of his face bears a bladed beard, jutting downwards from his face to frame an imposing jawline. About his thick neck and over his muscular traps, he bears a series of massive prayer beads that chime ominously with his every movement.

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