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The Lightwalkers of Valour stand steadfast and certain of their salvation, even as their enemy pours in fresh armies relentlessly against their holy warriors and priests. Seringale survives under the umbrella of Law, as its vigilant and merciless enforcers of Justice mark and apprehend criminals. Darkhaven's shadowspawn move silently through the night, abducting and murdering men whose death sentence has been paid for in gold coins. In a world filled with sorcery and steel, rife with murder and betrayal, where shall your loyalties lie?


  • Join a cabal, coterie, or create your own clan. Or place mortalhood aside and become a vampire, an ally to no-one.
  • Fight your foes using our unique combat system. Lead cabals into bloody war, where your decisions will reshape the world.
  • Socialize in taverns, inns, palaces, in the streets. Form groups to adventure into danger together, where banther shall be your only solace.
  • Explore more than 80 themed areas that are exclusive to Abandoned Realms, undertaking quests and solving secrets to plunder treasure, daring the clutches of foul monsters, dragons and demons.

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A world of politics, intrigue and war awaits you. Will you be a heroic warrior of the Light, or a despised zealot of the Dark? Will you be standing victorious when the dust has settled, or will you have been stamped into the dirt? Only you can answer. A hero you may aspire to and become, but the realms are littered by the bones of its past adventurers. Your mind, your resolve, even your spirit will be tested here...