The Illusionist

[Confound the World]

At the realms conception, before anything even began, Denadlyr planned the introduction of the class of wonders. Known as the mage, its guildhalls were filled with scholars, the most intelligent of Serin's inhabitants, a group that shunned the use of physical force to master the potential of the mind. Their spells were versatile, and once a mage reached his pinnacle, were powerful enough that even the warrior feared them. Magic became the most influential force in battle, and mages were later integrated into each army in the grand conflicts, proving indispensable with their both harmful and beneficial spells.

The Great War which scarred Serin pitted mage against mage, and resulted in much bloodshed and weakening of the arcane. After the war was burned out, and the weakened magi retreated to rest, Denadlyr stepped into their council to punish their foolishness, for his gift was intended to unify, to enrich and amuse, and for defence, not to harm, maim and kill. He split their guild into two new halls, and cast out the ones that disgusted him. One such guild was that of illusionists, granted mastery of the sphere of mental based magic. Illusionists remain closest to the form of their ancestor.

Specializing in deception, the illusionist wields considerable power and defensive capability. An understanding of thought allows the illusionist to manipulate the thoughts of others, to fool them into believing they fight faster or slower, that they are gigantic, tiny, or stupid. Once of high enough stature, an illusionist may even create an illusion of an entire creature, and command it. The illusionist guildhall also specialized in the science of transportation, learning the ability to create gates to different parts of Serin. At the peak of his abilities, the illusionist's magic is a formidable arsenal to all that experience it.


Level 1:hob sparkventriloquate
hand to handparry
Level 2:detect magic
Level 3:detect invislore
Level 4:invisibilitymirror image
Level 5:armor
Level 6:continual lightfaerie fire
Level 7:identify
Level 8:dreamstruckslow
Level 9:infravision
Level 10:weapon ward
Level 11:giant strengthgrandeur
Level 12:know alignmentblur
Level 13:faerie fog
Level 14:teleporttrance
Level 15:locate objectfast healing
Level 16:colour sprayhaste
protective shield
Level 17:dispel magicblink
Level 18:cancellation
Level 20:gateknock
Level 22:phantasmal griffon
Level 23:shrink
Level 24:pass door
Level 25:stone skinmisdirection
Level 27:illusionary spectreenlarge
Level 28:word of recallprismatic spray
Level 29:duplicate
Level 30:second attackterrain
Level 35:razor strings
Level 36:psionic dragon
Level 40:shadowformmisty mirage
summon gnometron
Level 45:group gateglass door
Level 50:eternal dayeverlasting night

Available races

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human, elf, drow, gnome, avian, illithid, quasit, half-elf, pixie
Human illusionist attributes
Racial Legacies
Innate Abilities
+1 bonus to primary stat

Human illusionist has a compounded experience cost of 0.

Noteable Illusionists


  • Use fly scrolls and protective shield to prevent your illusionist being pinned down with bash and trip, unable to cast his spells.
  • Use purple potions (sanctuary) to help make up for terrible defences.
  • Savebreak equipment can help lower the spell resistances of opponents.
  • Weapon ward protects from many skills and combat style/weapon style inferiority.
  • Work fast once you gain duplicates and spell them up, because they quickly expire.
  • Dispel magic removes the positive spells from your enemy, often resulting in a fast kill due to the illusionist onslaught of duplicates.
  • Focus on improving HEALTH and SAVE VS MENTAL to protect your illusionist. His damage comes from spells not his weapons.

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