The Jagar

STR: 18, INT: 18, WIS: 23, DEX: 23, CON: 20 (500 extra exp)
Available classes:
warrior, berserker, ranger, thief, monk, illusionist, shaman, and druid.
Racial Characteristics:

[Don't F**K with cats]

Emerging from the depths of the remotest jungles beyond the Sands of Sorrow, far removed from the vibrant tapestry of Serin, the Jagar stepped into the unfamiliar light of civilization, bearing the scars of a ravaged homeland. Their arrival was heralded by a prophecy of impending doom, a chilling forewarning of a rising tide of evil that threatened to engulf the world. Omens of Rodyn's impending return, a harbinger of potential apocalypse, had reached their distant jungles, stirred by the malevolent presence of the reincarnated Dark Lord, Dogran. This unsettling revelation sent tremors of unrest through the world.

While most of the Jagar who have ventured to Serin are refugees seeking solace and a fresh start, others have arrived with a fervent mission to facilitate the dawn of the Third Age. Convinced that their former deity's return is inevitable and will mark the end of days, these fervent believers eagerly anticipate Rodyn's reemergence.

The creation of the Jagar is attributed to the enigmatic god Rakhashe, one of the earliest Immortals of Serin. The circumstances surrounding Rakhashe's disappearance remain shrouded in secrecy, and the deity's mastery of shapeshifting has only served to deepen the mystery. Scholars have long suspected that Rakhashe and Rodyn eventually merged into a single entity, providing a compelling explanation for the Jagar's subjugation to the tyrannical deity that enslaved them. It is widely known that Rodyn, consumed by his insatiable hunger for power, ultimately destroyed the Dark Lord, unleashing endless waves of demons that nearly devoured the entire world. Only Stryth's intervention, resulting in Rodyn's permanent imprisonment, averted utter annihilation. This cataclysmic event sheds light on Rakhashe's enigmatic disappearance.

The Jagar are a jaguar-human hybrid, with agile humanoid bodies, a skin covered in a layer of camouflage patterns of fur, and heads that resemble the jaguar. They are very good hunters due to that agility and natural camouflage. Their natural homes are deep in the jungles of Serin, where they can live in quiet solitude and only emerge to protect their territory and briefly hunt for survival's sake. However, the god Rakhashe has also gifted them with an instinctive curiosity that drives them to explore every area of the realms and see all that he has created. They border on being obsessed with uncovering the entirety of truth behind every secret they discover. Last but not least, the signature trait of their creator - a high tendency for impulsivity - runs deep within their veins.

Roleplaying with other races

Interacting with other races proves to be a complex and often challenging endeavor for the Jagar. Their inherent distrust of authority and their tendency to act impulsively often lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. However, their innate curiosity and their unwavering loyalty to those they deem trustworthy can foster unexpected friendships and alliances. Due to prior negative experiences, most Jagar consider the gods to be unworthy of worship, although they do acknowledge them. Even the most uneducated jagar would still disapprove of urbanization and environmental destruction, preferring a stabilized balance in the world.

Racial Legacies

  • None for jagar.


  • Remaining still for a brief time allows a jagar to dash at lightning speed, for a short distance.
  • Be mindful that the Jagar speak in a slightly higher pitch than most would be used to. This could easily distract and perhaps even annoy other races, and especially those with acute senses - like the psionicist for instance. It is easy for the short-tempered races to justify fighting your Jagar, so be ready with those cat-like reflexes.
  • High wisdom and dexterity is tempered with lower everything else, so enter fights sensibly and do not stay in a fight you didn't start.
  • Cats may have nine lives, but make sure you always have an exit strategy. Have a recall potion handy for sticky situations.
  • Always be curious. Beyond that however, the Jagar's personality can be as varied as their camouflage.

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