The Monk

[Be like Water]

Monks learn their skills at a monastery instead of a guildhall. They must go through rigorous mental and physical training, and discipline, to reach the peak of their powers. Monks shun weapons for the purpose of hurting others, instead concentrating upon a variety of fighting styles to adapt to situations they are faced with. They must wear light armor to be able to perform their techniques. Monks may choose a side in the eternal conflict, or remain unbiased, but they are not permitted to walk the path of chaos. Note that this choice is not made during character creation, but must be made by the 10th rank instead.

Monks are a versatile hybrid mix of healing, tanking and ability to deal damage. What they are able to presently do at any moment depends heavily on their current style of fighting, such as leopard style for tanking, or tiger style for damage. They are able to swap between styles fluidly, but may only be in one at any given time. In addition, monks are able to tattoo themselves to specialize further into particular styles, growing from a novice into a grandmaster. These specializations offer permanent skill choices. To succeed at a monk therefore requires an understanding of which style fits a given situation and how to correctly apply their particular strengths.


Monk abilities use one of two ki gauges, one for internally flowing ki and one for externally flowing ki.

Level 1:flailbow
dodgehand to hand
Level 2:beads
Level 3:dirt kicking
Level 4:martial arts bsnake style
Level 5:loretumble
Level 6:fasting
Level 7:fists of fury
Level 8:fast healingpanda style
Level 9:first parry
Level 10:meditation
Level 11:disarmkickboxing b
Level 12:healing
Level 13:windwalking
Level 14:sneakcrane style
Level 15:tripgrapple
Level 16:second parry
Level 17:martial arts amonkey style
Level 18:blind fighting
Level 19:shield disarm
Level 20:nervemantis style
leopard style
Level 21:double kick
Level 22:sense motion
Level 23:tiger style
Level 24:kickboxing a
Level 25:resonating wave
Level 26:acupunctureblock
Level 27:chii bolt
Level 28:throwair thrash
Level 30:drunken style
Level 32:catalepsy
Level 34:counter
Level 37:astral walk
Level 40:transcendence
Level 42:phoenix style
Level 45:dragon style
Level 50:serenity

Note that monks may learn special techniques from choosing their TATTOO.

Available races

Selecting a race is a fun way to flavor a character, and further define its strengths and weaknesses. Hover over a race link to view a brief summary of how the race interacts the class, or click it to visit the race's page for detailed information about that race.

human, halfling, half-elf, jagar
Human monk attributes
Racial Legacies
Innate Abilities
+1 bonus to primary stat

Human monk has a compounded experience cost of 300.

Noteable Monks


  • Monks don't fight as well flying, so consider investing trains into movement.
  • Stay out of inferior combat style matchups, to avoid getting hobbled.
  • Be sure to keep clear potions nearby to make up for lack of detects.

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