Legion of Darkness

"Whether I fear you is irrelevant. The world fears you."

Legion History

Before Light, there was Darkness. As ancient as the realms themselves, evil has existed within, seeking to engulf everything else within its boundless torture. No sooner than the discoveries of the cabal items were made, it immediately set to work to make use of them. The tides of darkness had swept the lands in the years previously, in the form of the Eternal Army. Beaten back by the Knights of Valour, they were almost vanquished, but a few remained, and Kallomar gathered the last of them together. In his name they vowed to spread their domination to each and every corner of the realms, a pact they each gladly made for the promises of more power. In the years that followed, their immortal leader himself was vanquished, and for a while the Legion of Darkness crumbled, and its membership began to dwindle, as Light gained the upper hand.

Many years later, the mortal shaman Burzuk made a prophecy of a Coming, one that would bring terror upon the lands. His words were ignored, scorned and laughed at, until the fateful day they told of came to pass. Returning from an absence so long he had been forgotten, Rodyn charged into the heavens. He had communed deeper into the darkness than any had previously dared, and been utterly consumed by evil. He seized control of the ridiculed Legion, and returned them to their rightful place, a force that would be a match for any of Light, and would continually be its bane. Through witchcraft, deception and murder, the Legion spreads its blight all over Serin.

Legion Purpose

Serin has seen for too long, the weak, whether of body or will, rule. They have watched Knights scramble to protect those too naive to run, too weak to survive. They have watched Justice protect those who hide within the bounds of a simple city. They have watched Warlords bumble around making claims of power, yet making no use of it other than to annoy with their foolish sense of honor above victory. Legion has decided that no other has the strength and worth to rule, and for this Legion will conquer until all is under its rightful rule.

Legion are an army, an army of the elite and powerful evils of the land. They desire power, to conquer, to subjugate, and to rule. Legion are not the common thug, but evils who have shown their ability to dominate others through action and mind. The army seeks to cover Serin, to subjugate it to their own ends. To rule as they should, not letting the weak have places of power that they do not deserve. Legion has made pacts with members of the lower planes, exacting powers in return for creating chaos upon Serin, and with these new abilities, they dominate as they see fit. They believe they will bring to Serin its destiny - peace, under the tyrannical rule of the Legion.

Legion Process

If you have met the above requirements, 'APPLY TO LEGION' stating your race, class, ethos and rank. If you complete your interview, you will then be tested. Those who seek to enter legion are required to show their superiority. Often the tests involve the dealing of death to those less worthy. These tests always include the show of one's dominance of mind, ones knowledge of the lands, and ones general knowledge of warfare. If you pass the test you will be inducted. If you fail, you will be made an enemy.

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