The Halfling

STR: 18, INT: 19, WIS: 21, DEX: 24, CON: 20 (350 extra exp)
Available classes:
warrior, ranger, thief, monk, healer, and bard.
Racial Characteristics:

[Annoy Everyone]

After the Great War had settled, and the rebuilding of Serin began, Stryth introduced a new peaceful, highly sociable race to the realms. Halflings are short, generally plump people, very much like small humans, averaging 3 and 1/2 feet tall. Their faces are round and broad and often quite florid. Their hair is typically curly and the tops of their feet are covered with coarse hair. Their typical life expectancy is approximately 150 years.

Halflings are sturdy and industrious, generally quiet and peaceful. Overall they prefer the comforts of home to dangerous adventuring. However, though they may never look for adventure, they have a strange knack for stumbling across them. And, more than occasionally, adventure finds them. Because of their lives filled with collecting comforts and trinkets, they have the benefit of above average wisdom, a result of their life experiences.

Halflings are not forward, but they are observant and conversational if in friendly company. They see wealth only as a means of gaining creature comforts, which they love. Although halflings are about the same height as gnomes, their stout and sturdy build gives them a hearty constitution. And, because of their size and light weight as well as their peace loving nature, they've grown amazingly agile and dextrous, able to dodge many of the attacks of those who seek to harm them. Halflings make excellent thieves, as they seek to avoid direct conflicts by relying on their speed and agility to get them out of dangerous situations. They are lacking, however, in strength, due to their small size and peaceful lifestyle.

Roleplaying with other races

Elves generally like halflings in a patronizing sort of way. Dwarves cheerfully tolerate them, thinking halflings somewhat soft and harmless. Gnomes, although they drink more and eat less, like halflings best, feeling them kindred spirits. Halflings are more open and outgoing than any of the above races, so they get along with other races far better.

Racial Legacies

Noteable Halfling


  • Because of high dexterity (dexterity adds hitroll) but low strength (strength adds damroll), consider wearing more than average +damroll armor.
  • Halflings make excellent thieves.
  • They are excellent at dodging but poor at parrying.
  • When fighting halflings, attempt to gain combat style superiority to counter the halfling dodging.

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