The plugins page provides customization for mud clients. Plugins which are written by players are supported by their author, not the game staff, so please use the author's support thread for any questions about them.


m1co's mushclient plugin

Files to Download:

Install instructions:

  1. Downloaded the latest version of mushclient from the internet (it was written using 4.94)
  2. Using WinRar, extract the images.rar file to the root (i.e. top level)) of the mushclient directory
  3. Using WinRar, extract the AR_BETA_PLUGIN.xml.gz file to the mushclient plugins directory
  4. Open mushclient, create a world
  5. Go to the file menu, select "Plugins.." and add+enable the plugin file AR_BETA_PLUGIN.xml
  6. Restart mushclient to load the plugin

Support thread : Support for AR's Mushclient plugin


Olyn's cMUD plugin


not currently available