The Shaman

[Fulfill the Prophecy]

At the beginning of time, when the world was barely populated, there existed a group of mortals that often walked beside the immortals themselves, hearing of their wishes and plans for the world. Time passed by, and the immortals began to conceal themselves in the heavens more and more often, to escape the distraction of mortal attention. The group continued to talk to immortals, but no longer would they meet. Only through the channels of prayer would they communicate. The clerics, as they came to be called, had a greater bond with the heavens than any other guildhall, their very powers themselves being derived from immortal favor. The cleric guildhall became one which fought with its faith, by praying for the divine to answer their allowed prayers.

As the Great War began in Serin, the faith of the clerics was tested more than any other time, as their blood was spilled in the name of the side they had chosen. The immortals allowed their prayers to continue, but Stryth objected to the heavens being used to derive the means for a guild devoted to worship to be fighting each other. Thus the cleric guild was fractured, and formed into two new guilds, with their allowed prayers more suited to their standing - those that helped the orc invaders commit atrocities became the shamans of darkness.

Twisted and malevolent from communing into the darkness, the guild of the shamans is a sect of dark priests that aim to destroy the faith of others. They are the prophets of death and suffering, and often play an instrumental part in it themselves. Communing their supplications from both the gods of darkness and the demons of the material abyss, they possess a devastating array of maledictions, allowing them to capitalize quickly and ruthlessly on an unprepared foe, to gradually wear out the strongest of warriors, and to turn the bravest of enemies into a nervous, gibbering wreck. Their faces usually take on a skeletal or demonic appearance, from their close ties with the prime evils, and they must stay evil to use their prayers.


Level 1:cause continualcause serious
whiphand to hand
Level 3:cure lightfaerie fire
Level 4:blindnessdetect good
detect magiclore
Level 6:detect invisfast healing
Level 7:identifyknow alignment
Level 8:cause critical
Level 9:infravisionweaken
Level 10:earthquakeprotection
Level 11:cure serioussummon
Level 12:plagueweapon freeing
Level 14:armor
Level 15:curseshield block
Level 16:protective shielddemonic visage
Level 17:faerie foghex
Level 18:giant strengthhaggle
Level 19:dispel magicenergy drain
Level 20:frenzyharm
Level 21:cure blindnesscure critical
Level 22:locate object
Level 23:second attackenfeeblement
Level 25:phantom grasp
Level 26:cure diseasesanctuary
Level 27:headshrinking
Level 29:cure poisonword of recall
Level 30:remove curseenhanced damage
lesser boon
Level 31:deteriorate
Level 32:ethereal passage
Level 33:insomnia
Level 34:flay health
Level 35:dysentery
Level 36:mass invis
Level 37:dark shroud
Level 38:blasphemy
Level 40:hysteria
Level 45:banes
Level 50:conversion

Available races

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human, drow, duergar, fire giant, minotaur, quasit, jagar
Human shaman attributes
Racial Legacies
Innate Abilities
+1 bonus to primary stat

Human shaman has a compounded experience cost of 0.

Noteable Shamans


  • Use fly scrolls and protective shield to prevent your shaman being pinned down with bash and trip, unable to cast his spells.
  • Savebreak equipment can help lower the spell resistances of opponents.
  • Dispel magic removes the positive spells from your enemy, forcing him to use more mana/potions
  • Use the ability to cure to out-regen even the hardest hitting of enemies
  • Focus on improving DAMROLL and SAVE VS MENTAL. His damage comes mostly from weapons, and he needs sanctuary up to complete his defences.

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