The Berserker

[Unleash the Fury]

In the Great War, desperate times called for desperate measures, as the orc raiders overran the territories of the elves and their companions. Through desperation, and necessity, their forces sought out new tactics on the battle field, ways of fighting that would be safer, and ways that called for risks that might pay off abundantly. It was the race of dwarves that took the first step down the path of rage. Bad tempered in nature, the bloody horror of war boiled their blood, and somehow stoked them in combat, causing them to fight harder. In the camps stories were told of this apparently blind rage, in which a dwarven warrior was known to lapse into when facing odds that could not be escaped - suddenly snapping into a terrible, insane anger and plunging into a frenzy of devastating blows. Their rage was legendary, and in the times of war often called upon. It became a fighting style of its own. Sacrificing finesse and complexity to focus on brute strength and reckless abandon, the guildhall of berserkers was formed.


Every berserker skill is tailored to the death of their opponents. In addition to sharing a healthy portion of skills from the warrior guild, their mastery of anger allows them to channel FURY to enhance their ordinary attacks, and to perform maneuvres unique to the berserker.

Level 1:axedagger
polearmshield block
enhanced damagehand to hand
Level 4:maniainfuriate
restraint (F)glorious heart (G)
Level 6:fast healing
Level 7:second attacklore
devastate (P)swing
Level 8:dirt kickingrage
Level 10:meltdown (X)relax
ignore pain (D)blood bath
Level 12:roar
Level 13:dashcharge
Level 15:trip
Level 16:berserkhaggle
Level 17:dual wieldthunderclash
Level 18:meditation
Level 19:third attack
Level 20:warcryrampage
Level 21:concentratedodge
Level 23:sideswipelash
Level 25:barragethrow
Level 27:overhead crush
Level 30:weapon cleave
Level 31:wild smash
Level 32:windmill cleave
Level 35:hobblegrim trophy
double grip (M)decapitate (X)
dragon ancestry
Level 36:flurry
Level 37:rake
Level 40:war elephant (M)

Note that DRAGON ANCESTRY allows berserkers some additional skill choices.

Available races

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human, dwarf, duergar, fire giant, stone giant, storm giant, minotaur, pixie, jagar
Human berserker attributes
Racial Legacies
Innate Abilities
+1 bonus to primary stat

Human berserker has a compounded experience cost of 250.

Available customization

Upon reaching the 35th rank, berserkers choose a god to follow based upon their fanatacism of primal forces. As reward, they receive even greater athleticism:

  • Fury: The masters of fury are favored by the golden dragon, Sarich, for their ability to control rage to direct it where it truly belongs - upon evildoers. These berserkers will aggressive only on evil when raged, and although lack the ability to use mania, they are able to exercise more control over their rage with their RESTRAINT ability.
  • Power: The masters of power are favored by the chaos dragon, Zafrin, because of their utter hatred of magical items. These berserkers have an extraordinarly strong temper and the ability to DEVASTATE their opponents while in rage. They are also able to regenerate health much faster while raged.
  • Death: The masters of death are favored by the frost god, Resatimm, because they are unrelenting in their endurance. Entirely unable to relax, these berserkers have developed the ability to IGNORE PAIN completely, and are unstoppable once they have entered a raged state.
  • Glory: The masters of glory are favored by the dragon slayer, Diocletian, because of their pursuit of perfection and fame. These berserkers have a more intimidating presence in combat, with their GLORIOUS HEART causing anxiety for those that get on the wrong side of them (and, of course, if their opponents are not immune to that).
  • Destruction: The barons of destruction are favored by the destroyer, Zylenier, for their total sadism. Substituting the skill of relax for MELTDOWN and mastering the ability to DECAPITATE their opponent, these monsters on the battlefield are a force to be feared.

Note that becoming an OUTCAST will cause a berserker to lose these benefits.

Noteable Berserkers


  • Berserkers don't fight well flying, so consider investing trains into movement.
  • Save some trains for constitution, to keep the shield block effective.
  • Rage is an exceptional ability, but don't blow it by using it too early - begin the fight like a warrior and finish it decisively with rage.
  • Carry two-handed weapons, shields, and daggers, to switch for combat style advantage.
  • Be sure to keep clear potions nearby to make up for lack of detects.
  • Focus on improving HITROLL and DAMROLL, because berserkers depend upon physical force.
  • Berserkers are very well suited to group warfare with their rampage ability.
  • Skirmish often (flee/murder) to punish spellcasters who have just used spells.

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