Heralds of Serin

Entrance Requirements
  • Must be level 20 or higher
  • Open to all alignments, ethos and hometowns
  • A superbly well-written description
  • A thorough well-written background
  • Superb roleplay
  • Patronship is a plus

The pen is mightier than the sword.

Herald History

Heralds have recorded Serin's history since the foundation of their halls in the Dark Ages, and fostered the development of Serin's literature and arts culture for many generations. Through their efforts, the greatest wars of Serin have been recorded in the annals of the Serin Mystique, which were sometimes devastating enough to even draw simple Heralds into the fray. More recently, Heralds have taken up devising and overseeing Serin-wide events in addition to their historian duties.

Herald Purpose

Heralds are the lifelines of history in Serin. Often, they are the eyes peering from the corner of a bar, watching the social elite and listening in to the gossip and stories of the current and past events. Interacting with the various characters abroad, Heralds observe the very history of Serin to link Serin to its notables. They are loyal to the Winds, every so often coming to meet with their superiors and giving them what biographies they have recorded.

A Herald's communication skills are what he/she relies upon. Heralds demonstrate through their intelligence and wit their story telling and rumor gathering skills. Heralds are also courteous to those deserving of courtesy, given the number of people they must interact with on a daily basis. Those who flagrantly use foul language or violence without instigation have no place within the halls. All classes and races may find solace among the Heralds.

Herald Process

Heralds will be expected to demonstrate exceptional creativity and to roleplay extremely well. This path may be chosen by joining the Consortium and dedicating oneself to the appropriate pillars of knowledge. If you wish to apply send an APPLICATION to Consortium with a history of your past and why you wish to join the Scribes and we will observe and speak with you in due time.

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