The Psionicist

[Read Minds, Break Minds]

Psionicists are a guild of rare individuals born with special abilities. These mages of the mind each have a coming-of-age story where they discovered their psionic abilities. Some of these individuals may choose to use these powers for good causes, while others succumb to madness and may even turn evil.


Psionic magic is self-discovered and originates internally. Like the divine magic which is received from the gods and may depend on the god that gave it, the psionics spells cannot truly be taught. Because of its highly internal nature, it is difficult for psionicists to use their powers to aid others with beneficial effects and healing compared to their contempary illusionist and invokers, but in return what they can offer is flexible and able to cover a greater range of needs.

As their magic is from within, psionicists do not truly 'cast' in a way that could be cut off by spells such as blasphemy or silence, but they are much more sensitive to losing concentration and resting poorly due to external distractions. Spell power may depend acutely on the aptitude (especially ability to focus) of the psionicist, which can be enhanced.


Level 1:daggerwhip
hand to handparry
mind thrust
Level 2:pacify
Level 3:lorecell adjustment
Level 4:invisibilityhyperfocus
Level 5:meditationpsionic sphere
ballistic attack
Level 6:sixth senseforesight
Level 8:identifyhaggle
Level 9:exchange light
Level 10:kinesisawaken
Level 12:convergencedivergence
Level 14:meditate
Level 15:locate objectfast healing
Level 16:protective shield
Level 17:body weaponry
Level 18:levitategravitate
Level 20:ectoplasm
Level 21:dispel magic
Level 22:pyramid of forcedistort value
Level 23:flesh armortranslucence
Level 25:second attackthere not there
Level 26:blade slash
Level 27:ego whip
Level 28:brainwashphase shift
Level 30:hologram
Level 31:psionic blast
Level 32:stir
Level 33:implant visionstele lock
Level 35:stasis
Level 36:hypnosis
Level 37:magnetize
Level 38:unseen handdelta ray
Level 40:clairvoyanceheat metal
Level 41:black hole
Level 42:heavy metal
Level 43:magma spikeionic sphere
Level 45:supernova
Level 50:flashback

Available races

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human, elf, drow, illithid
Human psionicist attributes
Racial Legacies
Innate Abilities
+1 bonus to primary stat

Human psionicist has a compounded experience cost of 250.

Noteable Psionicists


  • Psi-enhance items are key to unlocking the psionicist's full potential. More than any other class, a psionicist's damage comes from spells not weapons. Always match the psionic sphere to the situation when possible.
  • The ectoplasm conjured by psionicist covers a variety of purposes. Look after it and be ready to summon another if it is destroyed.
  • Use the buffer of initial hitpoints to try to soften opponents up (ex. attempt to implant visions) before relaxing into self-sustain with cell adjustment and direct damage spells. Savebreak equipment can help lower the spell resistances of opponents if things started out poorly.
  • Look out for which saves your opponent is lacking and exploit the opening.
  • Flashback has high potential for mind games.

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