Masters of War

Who Dares Wins

Warlord History

In the early days of Serin, when magic was barely known, the warriors reigned supreme. No cleric or mage could match up to them in strength and power, and they were the men that carried others to the pinnacles, providing the only way to defeat the dangers that were regularly faced. As the ages rolled past, warrior upon warrior picked upon and scorned Serin's priests and magi, giving their own guild a bad name. The immortals watched, and allowed the prayers of the clerics and the magicks of the mages to grow only stronger, while the warrior's potential was forced to remain the same. Strong it was, and balance did not come quickly. Finally magic came to match the physical strength of the warriors, and many of them were killed, while more still came to depend upon the magic themselves, ignorant of their own prowess. The ranks of the warriors rapidly dwindled, and abilities even forgotten, as the immortals watched uncaring of their plight. Last of the great warriors, Diocletian, stalked the lands besting every opponent he faced with his unmatched physical prowess. For everything a mage could throw at him, he would return it twicefold. His abilities impressed the heavens, for they knew he fought within the same constraints of olden days, though he was considered little more than a relic of those days, and a mortal that would die. He knew this himself, and when he sensed himself at his physical peak, he asked for immortality. Reluctant to give it, but knowing well he was a man of honor, Lord Stryth prepared for him a glorious death. He ordered him to hunt down and slay one of Serin's mightiest dragons, the most feared beasts of the day. To his amazement, Diocletian defeated it, a gruelling fight that had almost killed him, but in the end he stood victorious with the heart of the dragon clenched in his fist. As was promised, Diocletian ascended, and he now ensures the survival of the warrior legacy for all time.

Warlord Purpose

The Warlord cabal is an organized group of mortals that seek to challenge the limits of Serins in mano a mano combat duels, taking only the trophies of war and returning the rest. Members of Warlord are old practitioners of war that are united by their cause - the prevailment of honor and protecting the dignity of each opponent. Through a worldwide CHALLENGE, the Warlord members glorify themselves and their magnificent deeds, via a permanent RECORD which displays the outcomes of each of their battles.

Warlord Process

When an application has been received the next step in the induction process is an interview. This will be conducted by an experienced Warlord and will be formal so respectful behaviour is expected. The interview will cover several subjects, related to the entrance requirements of Warlord and its philosophy and history.
  1. You will be asked to orate your background history. Weak points will be brought up and questioned, strong points will be required to elaborate on.
  2. You will be asked why you want to join. Some of this will be covered in your application. If your reasons are not valid or desirable to the cabal, you will be asked for your other reasons.
  3. You will be asked why you feel worthy to join. Every Warlord must take pride in what he does, and of course, be assertive.
  4. Your knowledge of areas and weapons will be tested. The object here is to determine your weak points, so be as honest as you can when stating your limits. It might come back to haunt you.
  5. A test of the interviewer's choice. This may involve tracking speeds, catching up within the same area, races, it is often used to investigate any claims you might have made.
If you overcome all of the hurdles you will be inducted. If you fall down you will be deferred back to training to await interview with a different Warlord. If you fail both interviews, your application will be denied indefinitely. In addition, there is a "30 minute limit" imposed so that interviews do not go on too long. After 30 minutes of interview, it may be broken off to continue at some later time. The interview is a slow but thorough step of Warlord initiation.


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