The Human

STR: 21, INT: 20, WIS: 20, DEX: 20, CON: 20 (0 extra exp)
Available classes:
warrior, berserker, ranger, paladin, dark-knight, thief, shadow, monk, invoker, illusionist, necromancer, psionicist, healer, shaman, bard, and freelancer.
Racial Characteristics:
  • +1 bonus to primary stat

[You can adapt to any challenge.]

Humans are the most commonly found race in Serin, making up the majority of most adventurers. The race of man has roots that stretch back to the beginning of time itself and its history is rich and remarkable. Humans are known to excel at both writing and war, being the most articulate race there is. The kingdoms of men are not found in one single part of Serin but are found scattered all over, their mass concentrated around several hometowns. Because of both their versatility and their lust for knowledge of politics, humans are found in every guild. From minstrels to heroes to the worst of tyrants, there is no limit to what man can do well with his abilities, and he has more than enough ambition to do it.

The race of man is flawed and impure, many of its line containing one critical weakness despite their superiority in many ways over other adventurers. Humans are driven by a want for power, and inevitably look to find ways to profit from situations. The want of man for gold and fame far outweighs anything else and if not careful will consume him and dominate his destiny. Some men have been known to incite world war simply because of the spoils it brings and boosts to economy.

Roleplaying with other races

Elves are long friends of the race of humans, some of them known to have even married men and produced offspring with them, though seeing their mistakes over the ages has built up a degree of intolerance in the elders of the elves, and often on occassions have blows only been spared by the extraordinary calm temparement of the long-lived elven race. However this elven virtue is completely absent from the elves' dark cousins, the drow, who share the same disdain for them. Drows will often talk down upon men as if they were uncouth vermin, far far less intelligent than themselves.

Racial Legacies

Noteable Human


  • Because of an experience penalty of zero, humans tend to have very favourable pk ranges and faster leveling, making them a good race to pick when experimenting with a new class.

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