The Freelancer

[Choose Thy Adventure]


Level 1:daggermace
hand to handkick
Level 2:enhanced damage
Level 3:dirt kicking
Level 4:cure lightcreate torch
Level 5:carve
Level 6:second attack
Level 7:identify
Level 8:fast healing
Level 9:burning hands
Level 10:butcher
Level 11:meditation
Level 12:third attack
Level 13:lorescrolls
Level 14:armor
Level 15:trip
Level 16:sneak
Level 17:haggle
Level 18:pick lock
Level 19:cure blindness
Level 20:eavesdrop
Level 22:pass door
Level 24:create spring
Level 25:word of recall

Nearly every hero of Serin joins a guildhall to help them to greatness very early in life, but sometimes an adventurer decides to wander alone for a while. Such adventurers are found only amongst the race of humans, whose adaptability allows them to wait a little longer than most, and use their extraordinary ability to learn, blooming later in life.

A freelancer is a classless adventurer. They can learn a unique selection of skills known to other classes, but are not specialized in any class in particular. Freelancers can be thought of as quiet bystanders, or observers of the great struggle. As such, freelancers begin out in a lawful neutral role. Beginning as a freelancer is ideal for somebody who is initially unsure of the role they wish to pursue in Serin, and may aid with early character development. It is also useful to pursue for those who are relatively new to the realms, to get a feel for what guild they may eventually enjoy most.

Freelancers need to convert to a full-time class to be able to pass the 25th rank. The freelancer must first choose their PATH to specify their alignment and ethos. Once they have done that, the freelancer may use the CLASSCHOICE command to specify their chosen class. This is a permanent selection. At this time, any practices spent on inapplicable skills will be returned, while proficiency in skills that are kept is retained.

Available races

Selecting a race is a fun way to flavor a character, and further define its strengths and weaknesses. Hover over a race link to view a brief summary of how the race interacts the class, or click it to visit the race's page for detailed information about that race.

Human freelancer attributes
Racial Legacies
Innate Abilities
+1 bonus to primary stat

Human freelancer has a compounded experience cost of 0.


  • Thieves don't fight well flying, so consider investing trains into movement.
  • Stay out of inferior combat style matchups, to avoid getting hobbled.
  • Be sure to keep clear potions nearby to make up for lack of detects.
  • Focus on improving HEALTH and DAMROLL, thieves don't need hitroll for backstabs and weapon type skills, but also lack the health of a fighter - with no way to cure.
  • Carry daggers, maces, and exotic weapons, to switch for weapon type advantage.

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