You've reached the web portal to the Abandoned Realms MUD. This is a fully-featured and completely free multiplayer experience with roleplaying and playerkilling. As you play the game, you will make both great friends, and vicious enemies - all real people who are playing alongside you!

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Key Features

  • Join a cabal, coterie, or create your own clan. Or place mortalhood aside and become a vampire, an ally to no-one.
  • Fight your foes using our unique combat system. Lead cabals into bloody war, where your decisions will reshape the world.
  • Socialize in taverns, inns, palaces, in the streets. Form groups to adventure into danger together, where banter shall be your only solace. Build your own personal lair.
  • Explore more than 80 themed areas that are exclusive to Abandoned Realms, undertaking quests and solving secrets to plunder treasure, daring the clutches of foul monsters, dragons and demons.


  • Fifteen classes, each furnished with more than 40 unique skills and spells - providing literally hundreds of different ways to die.
  • Twenty races, diversified with dozens of exclusive heritage-based racial legacies.
  • Advanced emoting and poses to aid in roleplay, for when the 250 built-in socials just aren't enough.
  • User-friendly interface, complete with server-side aliases, MSDP, MXP, GMCP, shortcuts for spells, and smart keyword completion.
  • Surge. Don't want to fall behind in the levelling race? Put the credit card away, you won't need it.