The Avian

STR: 19, INT: 21, WIS: 20, DEX: 23, CON: 18 (350 extra exp)
Available classes:
warrior, dark-knight, thief, shadow, invoker, illusionist, necromancer, healer, bard, and druid.
Racial Characteristics:

[Fly yourself to glory]

Created by Stryth as a gift to a fair maiden, the avians are bird-like creatures that resemble humans. They have wings that allow them to be in constant flight. Avians have been known to travel great distances without needing a rest. When they are not in flight, avians are able to fold their wings and rest them on their backs. Because they spend little time with more terrestrial races, they are vulnerable to diseases.

Because of their seclusion from the outside and their isolation upon their mountain tops, the history of Avians before they were noticed are not known. However, this coming of age has brought more Avians into Serin towns and lands, and with such contact, the knowledge of their ways. Avians believe in the sanctity of the Winds. The winds are constant and yet ever changing upon the land. Their belief is that those who must walk know not the life upon the open air, the freedom that glide beneath their wings, and the sense of dignity one gains. They are quick upon their feet for what runs in their blood is but the essence of the wind. Fair of thought and strength, and pure of physical attributes all avians are.

Roleplaying with other races

During the second Age of Creation, Rodyn, Demi God of Plagues, brought destruction upon the lands of these fair creatures. Some became twisted by war and ventured onto the paths of darkness and destruction, while others felt the horrors of war and focused their cause to healing and life. Some were held in high regards by towns and used them as spys to gain information on nearby kingdoms. The development of Avians throughout Serin has been widely applied as many guilds accept these fair creatures. Though they have no place to call home, their guilds have given a sense of home to them.

Racial Legacies

Noteable Avian


  • Flying is a double edged sword. Avians who choose to join the warrior guilds will find it harder to dirt kick, bash and trip while flying. Conversely their opponents will find those skills less effective against an flying avian.
  • Certain weapons do disease based attacks which are very harmful to avians.
  • While flying, avians cannot be tripped. This is very advantageous to those who wish to join the mage guilds.
  • With solid stats, avians can excel in any profession.
  • The plague spell is an excellent way to counter avians resourceful movement.

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