The Paladin

[Smite the Wicked]

During the period of Alliances, uprisings and power struggles between the forces of evil and all others, leaving death and destruction in its wake. An evil group that had forsaken their guilds, named the Eternal Army, ruled the lands by combining rigorous physical and magical training with a strong central leadership that drew from the combined powers of all its members. As their wrath raged across Serin, they pillaged and destroyed anything in their path that would be unable to stop them, slaying the innocent and the clergy alike, to stamp out anything that would oppose them.

Having taken terrible losses from the relentless attacks, the surviving elders of the clerics of Light formed a council to deliberate how to defend against the onslaught. After much thought, and prayer, they decided that the Light should need its own warriors, for the simple warrior alone, while mighty on the battlefield, could not defend well against the magical attacks that supplemented it. With the blessing of Sarich, a new guildhall was created, devoted to the extermination of all evil. The guild of paladins commanded the wrath of the heavens themselves, and in a matter of weeks had wiped the Eternal Army completely out.

Paladins are the embodiment of goodness. They are holy warriors, empowered by the gods of Light to bring and safeguard goodness throughout the realm. They are noted for their chivalry, kindness, generosity, mercy and honor. A paladin is a pillar of Light for its followers to look towards. To aid them in their heroic fight, they learn an array of weapon styles, and are able to heal many plagues and illnesses through their faith. They are also endowed with healing powers to grant help to the needy. At their prime, a paladin calling forth the wrath of the heavens themselves is a deadly foe for any evil adversary.


Level 1:cure lightdetect evil
shield blocksword
enhanced damagehand to hand
Level 2:armor
Level 3:create food
Level 4:blesscreate water
know alignmentholy armor
Level 5:lore
Level 6:second attack
Level 7:fast healing
Level 8:detect invisset parry
Level 10:cure seriousdisarm
Level 11:protection
Level 12:shield disarmguardian
Level 14:meditation
Level 15:shield slamexorcism
Level 16:cure blindnesslay on hands
Level 17:third attack
Level 18:remove curse
Level 20:wrathcharge
Level 21:summon
Level 22:dual wield
Level 23:cure disease
Level 25:turn undead
Level 26:cure poison
Level 27:sanctuary
Level 29:virtuous light
Level 35:stakeblind faith
divine sacrifice
Level 37:buckler
Level 38:strike of faith
Level 40:divine mighterrantry
Level 45:cleanse room

Available races

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human, elf, jotun, half-elf
Human paladin attributes
Racial Legacies
Innate Abilities
+1 bonus to primary stat

Human paladin has a compounded experience cost of 350.


  • Stay out of inferior combat style matchups, to avoid getting hobbled.
  • Focus on improving DAMROLL and SAVE VS MENTAL, paladins use physical force, but must be wary of dispel magic.
  • Cure serious quickly elevates a paladin out of a bad situation.
  • Errantry removes the need for fly potions.
  • Wrath is an extremely dangerous spell to evils.
  • Charge (polearm only for paladin) is an exceptional attack against flying opponents.
  • Skirmish often (flee/murder) to punish spellcasters who have just used spells.

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