The Healer

[Save the Dying]

At the beginning of time, when the world was barely populated, there existed a group of mortals that often walked beside the immortals themselves, hearing of their wishes and plans for the world. Time passed by, and the immortals began to conceal themselves in the heavens more and more often, to escape the distraction of mortal attention. The group continued to talk to immortals, but no longer would they meet. Only through the channels of prayer would they communicate. The clerics, as they came to be called, had a greater bond with the heavens than any other guildhall, their very powers themselves being derived from immortal favor. The cleric guildhall became one which fought with its faith, by praying for the divine to answer their allowed prayers.

As the Great War began in Serin, the faith of the clerics was tested more than any other time, as their blood was spilled in the name of the side they had chosen. The immortals allowed their prayers to continue, but Stryth objected to the heavens being used to derive the means for a guild devoted to worship to be fighting each other. Thus the cleric guild was fractured, and formed into two new guilds, with their allowed prayers more suited to their standing - the defenders of Light became the new guild of healers.

Often pacifistic, healers renounce wealth to devote their whole life to their profession. They are the mouth of their gods, the preachers of their faith. For their devotion, they receive incredible healing and protective abilities, that may benefit themselves and those around them. A healer must both understand and zealously believe in their chosen path. Healers may gain experience through healing and curing others of their ailments, due to their specialization in this field. In addition to healers ability to restore life, they may also learn talents to help them banish the lifeless undead.


Level 1:armorcure light
hand to handparry
Level 2:cure continual
Level 3:create watercure blindness
faerie fire
Level 4:blesscontinual light
detect evillore
Level 5:create foodrefresh
Level 6:cure seriousdetect magic
Level 7:identify
Level 8:detect invisexorcism
Level 9:know alignment
Level 10:cure critical
Level 11:detect poison
Level 12:protectionsummon
fast healinghealing touch
Level 13:cure disease
Level 14:cure poisonremove curse
Level 15:locate objecttrance
Level 16:calmfly
Level 17:create springheavens gate
Level 18:haggleprotective shield
staff block
Level 20:healsanctuary
Level 21:faerie fogshield block
Level 22:prudence
Level 23:infravision
Level 24:dispel magic
Level 26:cancellationsecond attack
Level 27:word of recall
Level 28:turn undeadturn unholy
Level 29:pass door
Level 30:curselesser boon
Level 31:prayer
Level 32:holy wordcure insomnia
Level 33:accessioncure dysentery
Level 34:stone skin
Level 35:vitalizerestore faith
Level 36:divine retribution
Level 37:group recallremove hysteria
Level 39:sacrifice
Level 40:healer staff
Level 42:holy water
Level 45:invigorateboons
cleanse room
Level 48:esuna
Level 50:spirit shieldconversion

Available races

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human, elf, dwarf, halfling, avian, storm giant, half-elf
Human healer attributes
Racial Legacies
Innate Abilities
+1 bonus to primary stat

Human healer has a compounded experience cost of 0.

Noteable Healers


  • Use fly scrolls and protective shield to prevent your healer being pinned down with bash and trip, unable to cast his spells.
  • Savebreak equipment can help lower the spell resistances of opponents.
  • Dispel magic removes the positive spells from your enemy, forcing him to use more mana/potions.
  • Use the ability to cure to out-regen even the hardest hitting of enemies.
  • Focus on improving DAMROLL and SAVE VS MENTAL. His damage comes mostly from weapons, and he needs sanctuary up to complete his defences.
  • Play the Game