The Jotun

STR: 22, INT: 18, WIS: 23, DEX: 18, CON: 22 (350 extra exp)
Available classes:
paladin, and dark-knight.
Racial Characteristics:

[For the Titans!]

In the ancient past, many races barely survived under the oppression of the ruthless dragons, while the expertly trained dwarven warriors of Grimforge ignorantly mined and engineered in the caverns deep within the mountain. There was a time when it would be unimaginable that the dragons would face their demise, and that the dwarves would be driven from their homeland. However, an extinction event eventually befell the dragons, and as Serins began to recover, a new team of evildoers that came to be known as the Eternal Army marched on Grimforge mountain, determined to overthrow their underground kingdom. Under attack from the Eternal Army's clerics, the mountain itself cried out, transforming itself into an active volcano. Its detonation wiped out the entirety of Midgaard, most of the dwarves, and left the Eternal Army badly decimated. That volcano came to be known as Redhorne mountain.

Time passed, and a Great Purge eventually befell Serin. The Eternal Army were forgotten, none dared approach the volcano, and in the meantime, minor cabals feuded petty wars with each other while many Serins watched, talked and wrote poems.

There are those who believe it is only right for the dwarves to take back that which was once theirs, and return to their seat of comfort under the mountain... and then there are those who long to return Serin to the same oppressive shadow of its age of dragons. They are the Jotuns, the original incarnates of the Eternal Army, an alliance that has since broken due to internal war.

Roleplaying with other races

The Jotuns are a race of giant-like men. They are both master strategists and effective warriors, reknown for both their strength and wisdom on the battlefield. But their cold evil hearts has taken a heavy toll on their physiology, giving them a frost-like constituency that is vulnerable to all piercing attacks. This had led some jotuns to repent and seek a new path.

Racial Legacies

  • None for jotun.

Noteable Jotun


  • Because of high strength but low dexterity, consider wearing extra +hitroll armor and less +damroll armor (strength adds damroll while dexterity adds hitroll).
  • When fighting a Jotun, use a piercing weapon.

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