The Gnome

STR: 18, INT: 23, WIS: 25, DEX: 21, CON: 18 (200 extra exp)
Available classes:
warrior, ranger, thief, invoker, illusionist, bard, and druid.
Racial Characteristics:

[You're wiser than anybody!]

For centuries the realm of Serin has aged slowly, with its inhabitants gradually adapting to its seasons. All races have been forced to improve to survive the dangers of living - that is, all races but one. The brilliantly intelligent gnome race remains near unchanged from its first iteration, a testament to one trait of theirs that surpasses all others and makes up for every shortcoming. Cowardice.

Gnomes, with their highly developed senses of wisdom know well of their own lack of suitability for battle and have always stayed respectfully away from it, living a peaceful existence. The few gnomes that try to become fighters are split into two kinds, either those that die so quickly they never live to leave offspring, or those that somehow actually do well. The latter are considered weird, and scary to the rest of gnome society.

Glancing upon a gnome, you might mistake them for small and old bearded humans, but that is not the case. Rather, such a gnome would be merely an adolescent. It is a fundamental principle of being a gnome that their beards are never trimmed back, instead they are grown to as long a length as possible. Not only is this a measure of how old the gnome is, but is also a measure of his virility and subsequent position in society. Only gnomes with the longest of beards may become elders and respected in their old age. To be without a beard is the worst possible scenario a gnome could find himeslf in, for only the females of the race are allowed to exhibit such a quality without social penalty.

Roleplaying with other races

The average gnome likes to dabble from time to time in magic, and can probably be found dwelling in either the gnome village (where almost all gnomes are born and die) or in some remote, hard to find forest location. Their extremely high wisdom makes them popular with many other races, though irritating to the gnome indeed to be disturbed from whatever he was doing, they are often key members of political gatherings in both advisory and leadership, for their keen and intuitive minds are extremely useful, and they share the ability of their creator, Denadlyr, for turning any overheated discussion into a reason for a drinking binge.

Racial Legacies

Noteable Gnome


  • High wisdom (giving extra practice sessions) coupled with high intelligence (ability to learn new skills/spells with a single practice session) means gnomes have plenty of spare practice sessions to convert into trains for extra health, movement or mana.
  • Playing a gnome can be challenging because many creatures (and all smart players) fully exploit their vulnerability to blunt attacks.

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