The Half-elf

STR: 19, INT: 22, WIS: 21, DEX: 22, CON: 18 (250 extra exp)
Available classes:
warrior, ranger, paladin, thief, shadow, monk, invoker, illusionist, healer, and bard.
Racial Characteristics:

[Be the heart and soul of every occasion]
The close relationship between elves and humans brought romances and songs of the love between both races, and for a while the high council of elves even went so far as to allow elves to marry humans. Though elves live far greater in years than humans, there is very little difference in their physical makeup. The merging of elf and human blood brought about a new race, known in the common tongue as half-elves. These creatures inherited a sense of curiosity and creativity from their human ancestors, and a love of nature and appeal for the aesthetics from their elven blood. What they lost in strength and constitution, they make up in intelligence and dexterity. A curious sidenote is that the female half-elves have a reputation of easily succumbing to the temptations of the flesh, and are the subject of many an adventurer's wild fantasies.

Roleplaying with other races

After the Great War which brought the elves defeat at Greginsham, the once powerful bond between elves and humans was strained. Once enjoying the benefits of being common to both societies and enjoying the advantages of it, half-elves are now accepted by neither, a painful reminder to both the elves and humans of a once marvellous relationship that has soured. Though clearly this is not the half-elves own doing, the anamosity towards them remains from the legendary narrow-minded elves, and they are shunned almost completely by those of pure elven heritage. Half-elves may choose to live with the more tolerating humans, and remain rather segregated with their own community despite being cared for, or they may leave completely and become adventurers in their own right.

Racial Legacies

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