"The sword of justice has no scabbard." - Antione De Riveral

Justice History

In the Age of Alliances, war ran unabated across city and fields, its great shadow consuming all life it touched. Forces of Light and Darkness fought to bitter stalemate for freedom and domination alike. No man, no woman, and no beast held a chance of escaping the grasps of chaos. The immortals of Order observed as the balance of power endured, but its entropy grew more violent and liable to utter collapse. The feud of the Knights and the Legion had deeply scarred the realms, at the heavy cost of the deaths of its innocent, and its law-abiding citizens.

During this Age there existed a band of lawful individuals that fought for the protection of the established civilization, and had worked to restore Order to the towns. With their judicious placements of battlements and dispatched guards, the great cities became much safer. The all-seeing eyes of the immortals reached them, and they were gathered together to fight as one under a single banner - to enforce the Law that Stryth himself had decreed would be followed, and over which he would himself act as first patron immortal. In his name they fight back at any who violated the Law, atoning injury with Justice. They are granted the power to flag criminals as offenders, and the means to deliver justice in their own hands.

Justice Purpose

Known as the Enforcers of Justice, these lawful individuals vow to protect the safety of those who seek shelter behind the secure walls of civilization, and bring justice to those whose rights have been violated. Acting as judge and executioner, their word is the law, and their decision shall be final. They hunt down criminals and prosecute them to the full extent of the Law in the name of Stryth and of Justice.

Justice Process

'APPLY TO JUSTICE' explaining your background and why you wish to join. If your note is acceptable, you will be watched for a short while to see how you conduct yourself. (Attacking in town at any time for example would immediately null your chances.) If you do well here, you will be given an informal interview by one or more Justices. At this point the Justices that interviewed will report to the cabal their impressions of you. If you have made a good impression, you will be given a formal interview and then a test. If you pass the test, then you will be inducted into Justice.

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