The Bard

[Kill them with your Charm]

Bards are minstrels who adventure throughout Serin. Being gifted with unique musical talents, they are able to affect the mood, mentality, health, and spirit of the people and creatures around them. Unlike other professions who rely on brute strength or arcane forces, a bard's main strength stems from their quick wit and charismatic personality. Being more adept at telling stories, chronicling legends, and raising people's spirits, a bard usually enters scuffles with their instrument rather than a weapon. Although a bard's skill cannot match those of a professional fighter, they have developed brawling techniques to get them through the ever present bar fight.

At its core a bard is a rogue-class - an agile damage dealer with tools to escape problem situations. What sets bards part from rogues, and indeed other classes, is that they have a repertoire of songs that have often very specific applications, such as a small heal. Bard songs are very like mage spells, but usually are a much shorter duration. This means that they have to be used more often, though bards having the agility to dodge attacks saves them the worry of maintaining protective spell affects at all times. When playing as a bard, one finds they have a very complete tool-box of songs, but a bit more difficulty than mages have enduring the mental toll of using it.


Level 1:A Soothing Melodydagger
enhanced damagehand to hand
Level 4:Serenadeventriloquate
pick lock
Level 5:Rest Thy Feetdirt kicking
Level 6:Water to Winehaggle
Level 7:Good Tidings
Level 8:Shield of WordsLeviathans Passing
fast healing
Level 9:quick wield
Level 10:Mirror Mirrormeditation
Level 11:Legend of Hrashsecond attack
Level 12:Battle Hymn
Level 13:Lullaby
Level 14:Herald of the Skycreate torch
Level 15:Victory Be Ours
Level 16:Sharp DiscordA Kings Feast
Level 17:Weight of Burdenuncanny attack
Level 18:Mourn for the Lost
Level 19:Let it be Known
Level 20:Ode to Stryththrow
edge craft
Level 21:Clash of Titanscounterbalance
Level 22:Twilight of FaeriesConcord Hymn
Level 23:Weak of Mind and Bodyrefrain
Level 24:Healing of Laughteruppercut
Level 25:Mystery of the Unicornthird attack
Level 26:Flight of the CondorTorrents of Turmoil
weapon improvisebrawl
Level 27:Lust Seduction Desiretaunt
Level 28:Scourge of Black Widow
Level 29:Broken Spirit
Level 30:Marriage Songtarot cards
Level 31:Rest in Peace
Level 32:Intoxify My Mind
Level 33:Devils Dance
Level 34:Remembrancetune
Level 35:VertigoPhantom Flute
Level 36:Unforgivenlure
Level 37:Four Seasons
Level 38:Paranoia
Level 39:Emancipation
Level 40:Travel of Solitaryanalyze
jack in the box
Level 41:Complete Focus
Level 42:Birth of the Phoenix

Available races

Selecting a race is a fun way to flavor a character, and further define its strengths and weaknesses. Hover over a race link to view a brief summary of how the race interacts the class, or click it to visit the race's page for detailed information about that race.

human, elf, drow, halfling, gnome, avian, half-elf, pixie
Human bard attributes
Racial Legacies
Innate Abilities
+1 bonus to primary stat

Human bard has a compounded experience cost of 300.

Noteable Bards


  • Bards don't fight well flying, so consider investing trains into movement.
  • Be sure to keep clear potions nearby to make up for lack of detects.
  • Shield of words is a very useful song for groups and yourself.
  • Use 'analyze' to learn the resistances and vulnerabilities of the realm's inhabitants

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