The Pixie

STR: 17, INT: 21, WIS: 21, DEX: 25, CON: 17 (350 extra exp)
Available classes:
berserker, ranger, thief, illusionist, and bard.
Racial Characteristics:


Originating from the realm of Acadia, these dimunitive but adventurous creatures sometimes cross the portal between realms in search of more excitement. The pixie has a generally untrustworthy reputation, earned from many of their kind proving their irresistible urge to lead people astray, play pranks and sometimes even steal from them. However, it is a simple fact that pixies are effectively unable to lie (though they can try to use confusing terms), lacking the thought mechanisms to be able to do so in the same way that all fey do. Deep down, what motivates a pixie is pleasure. Sometimes pixies develop a hatred for their unfair reputation, and are only able to get that by punishing those who prejudged them.

Roleplaying with other races

Pixies are acutely intelligent, and grow easily bored. They suffer from short attention spans that almost prevent them from studying the magical arts, although some are naturally suited for being illusionists due to enjoying performing all their tricks. Pixies have some innate magical talents they can perform by drawing on the natural magic of their home realm. In order to be able to perform their fey magic, a pixie must remain true to their roots, and will lose these powers if they choose to follow a deity. than themselves.

Racial Legacies

  • None for pixie.

Noteable Pixie


  • PIXIE DUST may be used on groupmates without counting as an attack.

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