The Shadow

[Strike from the Shadows]

In the first days of Serin, those that lacked the might to be a warrior, but the acuteness of senses to anticipate danger, and the nimbleness to escape it, turned their talents to a new guildhall - the guild of rogues. Made up of a versatile range including spies, scouts, tricksters and thugs, and skilled in trap evading and looting, they relied on sneak attacks to compete with the warriors. At its peak, the rogue guildhall was perhaps the most versatile guild of the early days, but it was doomed to fall.

During the time of The Alliances, when allegiances over cabals were drawn and adhered to, these solo artists began to slowly dwindle in numbers, as they were gradually killed in battle over the items, and adventurers began to shun their guild and ways, for its danger was too much to handle. The few surviving original rogues moved into hiding, and lamented their dislike for the items which had brought doom upon their guildhall. A new guild was formed, one which developed its defences, reinforcing its ties, and honed its abilities to prey on the unsuspecting. For a long time, the guild remained a secret, eventually surfacing under the name of shadow.

Keeping the traditional loner-like conduct of its ancestor, the shadow is a versatile and developed fighter. Their art specializies in two modes, making a strong, surprise attack, and a swift, effective escape. They are often found hiring their services to others, for a price. While their study of magic has came at the price of less familiarity with weaponry, a shadow is nevertheless effective for as long as his defences hold out.


Level 1:daggerflail
enhanced damagehand to hand
Level 3:dirt kicking
Level 4:hidepick lock
Level 5:sneakthrow
edge craft
Level 6:lorecaltraps
Level 7:detect invisinvisibility
Level 8:fast healingchii
Level 9:second attackquick wield
spectral sight
Level 10:detect hidden
Level 12:enduresearing shuriken
Level 13:disarm
Level 14:disable trap
Level 15:tripmeditation
grappling hook
Level 16:dual wieldblindness dust
Level 17:haggleuncanny attack
Level 18:third attackfrozen shuriken
Level 19:poison smoke
Level 20:stranglevanish
Level 21:counterbalance
Level 24:corrosive shuriken
Level 25:acupuncturemark of shadow
Level 27:clobber
Level 28:obscuring smoke
Level 30:double kicklightning shuriken
Level 32:ikuzachifans
Level 35:assassinatedecoy
shadow arts
Level 38:reclaim ninjutsu
Level 40:forgotten artsart of chameleon
art of phoenix
Level 44:art of tarantulaart of scorpion
Level 45:shadow dance
Level 50:art of condor

Available races

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human, drow, avian, half-elf
Human shadow attributes
Racial Legacies
Innate Abilities
+1 bonus to primary stat

Human shadow has a compounded experience cost of 300.

Noteable Shadows


  • Shadows don't fight well flying, so consider investing trains into movement.
  • Stay out of inferior combat style matchups, to avoid getting hobbled.
  • Focus on improving HITROLL and DAMROLL, shadows use a lot of physical force.
  • Carry daggers, spears, and exotic weapons, to switch for weapon type advantage.
  • Vanish after fleeing to easily escape your foes.
  • Acupuncture can quickly turn around a bad situation.
  • Blindness dust can be used to pick off people who aren't protected against maledictive.

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